Friday, September 06, 2013

Whither Tennessee?

I am ambivalent about Tennessee.  Both Memphis & Nashville seem nice, & Nashville has a great vegetarian restaurant called the Wild Cow which is pretty much better than any restaurant within a fifty mile radius of me.  & it's just three hours away!  I am mostly not a happy Kentucky vegan.

The rest of the state, I don't know.  It's like that all over, though.  I am not in lockstep with rural or even suburban America.  They think I'm a lefty pinko overeducated commie.  I am mostly just scared of them.  We both think the other is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I do thank Tennessee for having the sort of fucked-up racial & class-oriented situation to help in the rise of the blues, country, & rock & roll.  That stuff does not come from a well-ordered society.  It comes from need & want & sweat & alcohol & ambition & repression. It comes from a heart that needs to explode & it's got no place else it can turn to.  I sometimes think I will never be anything more than the thirteen year old boy lying next to the radio & using the music I loved to interpret & understand my life.  I sometimes think I'm right about that.

Lots of songs about Tennessee tonight!  From 10pm to midnight on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington, but online at in Tennessee.  (& other places too.)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Being a vegan is often a sad thing - when one chooses to live in an ethical manner, one often gives up things that one enjoys - like donuts, which more often than not have milk &/or eggs in them.  Except.  The wife love donuts slightly more than she loves me.  So she got me this book - Chloe's Vegan Desserts by Chloe Coscarelli, who looks extremely happy on the cover of the book - probably because she possesses the amazing ability to replicate desserts that are non-vegan in a delicious vegan manner.

Tonight - as you can see - we made vegan donuts.  & man oh man are they delicious.

Gotta go.  Donuts are calling me - to consume them!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Indiepop A To Z # 41

Look, I know I have a problem.  I know there's nothing healthy in playing an alphabetical list of bands on the radio, especially when (after 41 episodes) I am still in the letter H.  This can't end well.

But it can continue just fine!  The show is available for your twee ears at Self Help Radio dot net & the direct links to the show in two parts is part one here & part two here.  Alphabetical list of songs from Horse to Hunky below.

Thanks for listening & encouraging me to take my medication!

(part one)

"I Can't Decide (Harvest Mix)" Horse Shoes _EardrumsPop 100_
"At The Blood Drive" Hospital Bombers _At Budokan_
"Betty Wang" Hospitality _Hospitality_

"Swallow My Pride" Hot Booth _No More Of Your Fairy Stories: An Indiepop Loveletter to The Ramones_
"Shipwreck" Hot Club De Paris _Drop It 'Til It Pops_
"Eddie Deezen" Hot Fudge Free For All _Laugh Hard - It's A Long Way To The Bank_
"JPG In The Sun" Hot Lava _Lavalogy_
"Basketball" Hot Pursuit _Teenbeat 2002_

"Time Is On Our Side" Hot Rain _The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Vol. 1_
"The Lovecats" The Hot Rats _Turn Ons_
"Kiola Beach" Hot Spa _Ashell II_
"Photosynthesis" The Hot Toddies _Smell The Mitten_
"Emails" Hotpants Romance _The International Hotpants Romance_

"Why Me?" A House _The Way We Were: The Best Of A House_
"5:00" Ron House _I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records_

(part two)

"Shine On" House Of Love _The Best Of The House Of Love_
"Warp Factor 13" Househunters _Warp Factor 13_
"Happy Hour" The Housemartins "Live At The BBC_

"Blue Sunshine" The Hoverchairs _Just Another… Compilation_
"Learning To Keep My Mouth Shut" How Many Beans Make Five _One Last Look_
"Wavin' My Arms In The Air" Huck _Winter's Mist_
"Emma Peel, Formula One" Hula Hoop _Louisville - Leeds - TKO!_
"River Of Honey & Mud" Hulaboy _Knowing We Was Right From Da Start_

"Being Boiled" The Human League _Reproduction_
"Andy Fell" Human Sexual Response _In A Roman Mood_
"Sometimes Set Free" Human Station _Beikoku-Ongaku # 15_
"Where The Light Breaks" Human Switchboard _Who's Landing In My Hangar?_
"I Forgot" Human Television _All Songs Written By: Human Television_

"Word Gets Around" The Hummingbirds _loveBUZZ_
"It's Love" Hunky Dory _Over The Rainbow_