Saturday, March 18, 2023

Forgetting To Ask Persimmons

Last week I put on a three-piece suit (my very first) & officiated my first wedding. I have asked - it was incredibly flattering - by my friend Jason, whom I know from KNON in Dallas. I kept it tolerably short & sweet, I think, & keep meaning to ask them if I can reprint my service (or whatever you call it - I referred to it in conversation as a "eulogy") here on the blog. But I haven't asked yet.

Let this be a placeholder or something. It's not that I'm terribly busy, I just have a motivation problem.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Yet I Am All Blue Skies & Wisp

There must be howsoever the utter lack of discipline which lives nestled contently inside of laziness & indolence but nevertheless some exhaustions & lament.

For though one may fly thirty thousand or so feet from here to there & feel the righteousness of neglect under the shadow of vacation no fires have been smothered.

Indeed those hitherto under control might still rebel or surreptitiously thrive which is heretofore & evermore consider a failure & potential emergency.

What & what does one do in the face of entropy & ennui? One cannot sing with a mouth filled with snacks! One cannot soar within the confines of closed & shut.

Declare this not a warped ghazal, purpled poetic prose, overstuffed ripostes! Let instead the pretend pretentiousness settle unevenly like ash on parked automobiles.

Even ever, never naught, doubly singular & terrifically bland. The illusion of progress is like a dream of creation; one wakes feeling accomplishment easily disabused.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Self Help Radio 031423: Adoration

(original image here*)

Please be aware that I know that the word "adoration" is used mainly in a religious context. I talk about that on the show! It's just easier to say one word than the several that the show explores, all variations of the word "adore," from adoration to adorable. You can see that in the playlist below.

Also be aware I was very, very tired doing the show. I had awoken in Dallas, Texas, at some too-early hour because I am anxious about travel. I spent nearly four hours on a plane in the middle of the day gettin back to Portland, Oregon. I took some time to gather lots of songs & think about what order I should play them in but really by eleven o'clock I was running on fumes. One listener said he bet that I would have fallen asleep on the air by the third hour.

But I did not. There was a show. I played lots of tunes. I talked a bit too much. Just thinking about it now is making me very sleepy. So let me just say you can listen to the show now both at the KBOO website or at the Self Help Radio website, where you'll need to use the username SHR & the password selfhelp to listen. But at least you can download the file! All the songs I played are below.

Have I caught up on my sleep? Ha ha ha ha ha ha no.

Self Help Radio Adoration Show
"Adoracion" Eddie Palmieri _Gold 1973/1976_
"Adoration" Cranes _EP Collection Volumes 1 & 2_
"Adoration" Momus _Hypnoprism_

"Adoration Of The City" Robyn Hitchcock _A Star For Bram_
"Peace, Love, Respect, & Adoration" Stimulator Jones _Round Spiritual Ring_
"Adorations" Killing Joke _Brighter Than A Thousand Suns_
"Perpetual Adoration" The Bathers _Unusual Places To Die_
"Adore" WinterKids _Memoirs_

"Adore" A Cuckoo _Destination Unknown_
"Adore" Wild Nothing _Life Of Pause_
"Adore" Westkust _Westkust_
"Adore" Savages _Adore Life_
"Adore" Prince _Sign "O" The Times_

"'A' You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)" Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford _Small Fry: Capitol Sings Kids' Songs For Grown Ups_
"My Adorable One" James Carr _You Got My Mind Messed Up Soul_
"Adorable" Acid House Kings _Pop, Look, & Listen!_
"Adorable Combustible" The No-No's _Tinnitus_
"Adorable Racism" Patton Oswalt _Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time_

"I Simply Adore You" "Fats" Waller, His Rhythm, & His Orchestra _Fats Waller 1937-1938_
"I Do Adore Her" Harry Belafonte _Calypso_
"You're The One (That I Adore)" Bobby Bland _Turn On Your Love Light (The Duke Recordings Vol. 2)_
"I Adore You" Patti Page _The Complete Columbia Singles 1962-1970_
"Let Me Adore You" Soko _Feel Feelings_

"I Wanna Be Adored" The Stone Roses _The Stone Roses_
"Adored" Secret Shine _Elemental EP_
"Adored" The Bravery _Stir The Blood_
"Would You Die To Be Adored" Prince Rama _X-Treme Now_
"Born To Be Adored" Momus _The Little Red Songbook_

"My Eyes Adored You" Betty Padgett _Trojan Lovers Rock Box Set_
"My Friends Adore You" Creeper Lagoon _Watering Ghost Garden_
"You'll Still Adore Me" The Belle Curves _Watershed_
"Adore You" Sachal Vasandani & Romain Collin _Midnight Shelter_
"Heaven Adores You" Earlimart _Treble & Tremble_

"I Adore Him" The Angels _Growin' Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology_
"The Only Girl I Adore" The Byrds _The Preflyte Sessions_
"Adorable You" Stars On Mars _"Poster"_
"Adorable" Barrence Whitfield & The Savages _Soul Flowers Of Titan_
"All That I Adore" Eternal Summers _Every Day It Feels Like I'm Dying..._

* A note about the image manipulated above: "I Wanna Be Adored | Stone Roses" is by Some Driftwood. Used with permission under the Public Domain Dedication license.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Whither Adoration?

(image from here*)

Okay, I'm back from Dallas. I have a couple of hours to put a show together. I have tentatively decided the show will be variations on the verb "adore" - its noun form, adoration; its adjective form, adorable; I guess even its participle form, adoring. Should be easy to find enough. I have a lot. No biggie.

But there's no time for the other fun stuff, the interviews with pretend experts, my stupid bits, whatever the hell else I do when I spend too much time on these shows. I might not even have an idea of how the show should be put together. I'm very tired - I began the day two thousand miles away & was at thirty thousand feet for at least two hours.

It's a general rule not to expect much with Self Help Radio - it's even more of a caveat today.

Midnight to 3am Portland time. 90.7fm in town, everywhere.

Thesaurus dot com says one antonym of "adorable" is "despicable." Let's plan for that.

*Photo by icon0com from PxHere.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Preface To Whatever The Hell Show I'm Doing Tomorrow: What I Said

(image from here)

Yeah, I'm getting home tomorrow in the late afternoon, so I don't know if I'll be putting on a radio show based on a theme. I had planned on a program playing songs related the word "adore" - that word, adoring, adorable, adoration - but I confess I haven't listen to anything this weekend so maybe I'll just play random songs. Maybe take requests. Maybe just fall asleep on the air.

Maybe I won't even make it back! Who the hell knows. Not me.