Saturday, June 18, 2022

Golden Couplets

(helpful definition from the video here.)

Speaking of The Golden Show, which we'll stop doing after today, our own eminent versifier, Sir Archibald Von Poesy, shared with us couplets about famous golden things all through the show.  You can listen to the show - at either or at - if you'd like to hear them during the show, but to share his wit & wisdom, we thought we'd isolate them here for your reading enjoyment.  So enjoy them.

Be careful on the famed Golden Gate Bridge!
Should you fall, all that's left would be a smidge.

Should you long for a dog whose not an over-achiever
Might I suggest for you a golden retriever?

You're going to the Golden State? I must warn ya -
You're actually traveling to California!

If you're concerned about your family's dietary morale
Do not subject them to the buffet at the Golden Corral.

Abandon all regrets, all hatred, all fears
& you'll enjoy the best of your golden years.

I enjoy any pint, with gusto, without fail,
Even if you want to call a blonde a golden ale.

I don't enjoy mathematics but if you say so
I'll express admiration for the golden ratio.

Friday, June 17, 2022

On Golden Films

(image from the IMDb)

On lucky weeks, we get a visit during the show by our resident cinephile, Chuck, who watches lots of movies about whatever the theme is & talks about a few of those films.  This week he stopped by to talk about movies whose title (or alternate title) featured the word "golden."  Because it was the "Golden Show."

If you didn't listen, shame on you!  Luckily you can do so at either or at  Once you've done so - & it's all right if you just listened to Chuck's segment - you can use the following links to see the films he talked about & find out more information about them

Here is the IMDb search Chuck made to find "Golden" films.
Here is his YouTube playlist with the movies he discussed - & more!
Here is the IMDb list of some films available for free elsewhere.
& here are his Letterboxd reviews of the golden movies he wanted to review.

Follow Chuck on Twitter & you'll know what he's watching - & when he'll be on the show next!

May I just say that I find that movie poster for On Golden Pond pretty awful?  I wouldn't go to see the film based on those terrible drawings of the leads!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Self Help Radio 061422: The Golden Show

It did seem like this week was a golden opportunity to have a golden show.  Some think we live in a golden age of radio, but I am more likely to subscribe to the golden mean - let's not get too carried away.  

Can I also apologize for not having an official "animal of the show" this week?  You'll recall that, in the running, were the Golden Lion Tamarin, the Golden Tortoise Beetle, the Golden Apple Snail, the Golden Slender Mongoose, the Golden Eyelash Viper, Gee's Golden Langur, the American Goldfinch, the Golden Poison Dart Frog, & the Bolivian Golden Bat.  You can look at pictures of them here.  How could we choose between them?

Anyway, it was a busy show.  Luckily you can listen to it now at either the KBOO website or at the Self Help Radio website.  Pro tip: a username (SHR) & password (selfhelp) are needed at the SHR website.  Lots of things happened on the show, the details are below.

The golden hours pass into the golden days which become the golden years.  We all want to stay golden.

Self Help Radio Golden Show
"Golden" A Girl Called Eddy _A Girl Called Eddy_
"Golden Age" Cult Of Youth _Love Will Prevail_
"Golden Gate Bridge" Rose Melberg _Portola_

introduction & definitions

"Golden Lady" Stevie Wonder _Innervisions_
"Golden Mean" Tanya Donelly _Whiskey Tango Ghosts_
"Golden Ring" George Jones & Tammy Wynette _Golden Ring_
"Golden Loom" Bob Dylan _The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961-1991_
"Golden Cities" Lisa Germano _In The Maybe World_

interview with King Midas

"Golden Age Saturday" Cleaners From Venus _In The Golden Autumn_
"Golden Frames" Shannon Shaw _Shannon In Nashville_
"Golden Green" The Wonder Stuff _Hup_
"Golden Years" Léa Sen _Modern Love_
"The Golden Age Of Aviation" The Lucksmiths _Staring At The Sky_

interview with plastic surgeon Dr Harry Jarvis

"Silence Is Golden" The Beths _Expert In A Dying Field_
"The Man With The Golden Hand" The Octopus Project _Fever Forms_
"Golden Egg" Clara Engel _Their Invisible Hands_
"Golden Age" Beach Fossils _Beach Fossils_
"Sister Goldenhair" The Hummingbirds _Tuesday_

our librarian friend Carole stops by the talk Little Golden Books

"Golden Brown" The Stranglers _Feline_
"Golden Thing" Throwing Muses _The Real Ramona_
"Happy The Golden Prince" Robyn Hitchcock _Eaten By Her Own Dinner_
"Golden Slumbers" Blue Roses _Abbey Road Now! (Mojo Presents The Beatles' 1969 Classic Re-Recorded!)_
"Golden Torpedo" Milk Lines _Ceramic_

a visit from our resident cinephile Chuck to talk about movies with Golden in the title

"Golden Hours" Ida _Ten Small Paces_
"Golden Hair" Syd Barrett _The Madcap Laughs_
"Golden Lights" Twinkle _Golden Lights_
"Golden Waters" The Monochrome Set _Dante's Casino_
"Golden Clouds" Calliope Musicals _Color/Sweat_
"Golden Sea" French Films _Imaginary Future_

idioms with golden

"Golden Summer" Helen Love _Summer Pop Punk Pop_
"Golden Haze" Wild Nothing _Golden Haze EP_
"Golden Square" Pipas _Golden Square_
"Golden Days To Come" Last Leaves _The Official Matinée World Cup EP_
"Unless You're Golden" Bella _No One Will Know_
"The Golden Bough" Steven James Adams _Old Magick_

conclusion & goodbye

"Golden Flute" Dengue Fever _The Deepest Lake_
"Golden Birds" Easy _Radical Innocence_

Monday, June 13, 2022

Whither The Golden Show?

(The last rays of the sun turn the tops of the trees golden.)

Theme-based shows often rely on colors.  Colors are probably the easiest of themes.  Because of my contrary nature, I tend to shy away from the "easiest of themes."  I think in fact when I did a show about the color green, I asked listeners & Facebook friends to pick the songs.  There were way too many songs about the color green.

& I noticed that I had previously done a show about gold a decade ago.  Which is a color but also you know a precious metal.  I felt it was time to return to a color on Self Help Radio but I thought maybe if I specified a color descriptor - an adjective, basically - it might make it easier.  I settled on "golden."  & I have lived to regret it.

There were so many golden songs that I decided that I would mostly (but not entirely) rely upon songs from this century.  & I would forego my many deep-dives into different genres & stick with the indie rock.  There's probably a country or blues or soul golden show out there - it won't be this week's Self Help Radio.

With all that in mind, you may still want to tune in to 90.7 fm KBOO tonight (or online at from midnight to 3am.  There'll be guests & stuff.  It'll be golden.  Because that's the theme.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Preface To The Golden Show: Oh No What Have I Done

(I found this on the internet in 2015. I have no idea where.)

Something I have complained about before - so much I feel I could be a bore - is that I prefer my themes to be quite narrow.  Because while finding songs for an obscure theme might be a chore, what's worse is if the theme's too broad there's always more - like drops of rain gathering in a wheelbarrow.

Hold on, was I rhyming there?  Okay, I'll stop that.

There are too many songs with "golden" in the title or repeated in the lyrics.  Way too many.  I feel like I need to impose other restrictions.  Because Sunday's nearly over & I still have so many songs to listen to.

What might those restrictions be?  How can the show be organized?  Why didn't they pick a picture of a golden hamster with a golden apple?  It's obviously whatever they called Photoshopped before you could Photoshop things.

All right then.  Back to listening to songs.  I certainly hope you appreciate all I do.  You know, sitting here listening to songs.  Such a difficult thing I do.