Thursday, October 19, 2017

Self Help Radio 101817: Faces

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Self Help Radio has many faces.  One face is full of music.  Another face is full of talk.  Yet another face is kind of disgusting & you're repulsed even just by glancing at it.  In this way, Self Help Radio is a lot like a person, or perhaps many people, all with faces.  You get the idea.  I can torture metaphor as much as you like but it's really never going to make much sense.  I mean, one face per head, right?  Usually, that is.  I mean, there's always Edward Mordake.  But he's made up, you say.  Oh yeah?  If that were true, would Tom Waits sing about him?

We seem to have gotten off track.  This week's show was about faces.  Many faces were discussed, with a spiritual leader, a plastic surgeon, a psychologist, even a cyber-security expert.  & the music!  So much music about faces.  Oh my word.  It would be even more haunting than Edward Mordake.  Who never existed.  Oh yeah?  Would he be on American Horror Story is that were true?

Prepare your face to meet the faces you'll meet at the Self Help Radio website, where the show now resides.  Use your face to see information about a username & a password, information that's on the front (or front-facing) page.  The show is in two more-or-less equal parts, & what's in those parts is listed below.

Gotta go now & Face Time someone.  Enjoy!

(part one)

"Faces" TC Atlantic _Pebbles Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery_
"Faces" Harlem _Hippies_
"Faces" Jonathan Rado _Law & Order_

"Put On A Happy Face" Tony Bennett _New York, New York_
"Lose That Long Face" The Florentines _London Pavillion, Vol. 2: El 1987_
"Sad Voice & Mock Face" George Carlin _When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?_
"Break Your Face" Talulah Gosh _They've Scoffed The Lot_
"Faces & Names" Lou Reed & John Cale _Songs For Drella_

interview with the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently

"Broken Face" The Pixies _Surfer Rosa_
"I've Just Seen A Face" Ludella Black _Alright, This Time Just The Girls, Vol. 2_
"Touch My Face" Malcolm Middleton & David Shrigley _Music & Words_
"Violently Pretty Face" Close Lobsters _What Is There To Smile About?_
"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" The Clams _Close To You 7"_

interview with psychologist Allen Shariaty

"Always See Your Face" Love _Four Sail_
"Your Face Betrays You" Mysteries Of Life _Come Clean_

(part two)

"Shaddup You Face" Joe Dolce _Australian Pop Classics: Novelty Songs Of The 60s & 70s_
"Making Faces At Each Other" I, Brute Force _Confections Of Love_
"Look At This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous)" Handsome Boy Modeling School _So... How's Your Girl?_

interview with cyber-security expert David Fruchter

"Baby Face" Little Richard _The Essential Little Richard_
"Smiling Faces Sometimes" The Undisputed Truth _The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11A: 1971_
"Drugface" The Passage _Enflame_
"Your Silent Face" Velocity Girl _Your Silent Face 7"_

interview with plastic surgeon CJ Buchanan

"Face Cream" Simon I _Simon I_
"Faces Stay With Me" The Thermals _Desperate Ground_
"The Face Of Everything" The Ballet _Mattachine!_
"Faces Stay With Me" Drug Boyfriend _Faces Stay With Me_
"Pretty Faces" Nicki Jaine _Projekt Presents: A Dark Cabaret_

"Joker Hysterical Face" The Fall _Room To Live_

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Whither Faces?

(I found this here.)

What can be said about faces that I can't say to your face?  I don't want you to think of this show as some kind of face-off - & certainly I'm not doing it to save face.  Let's face it - you're more likely to consider me a baldfaced liar than just another pretty face.  & I'm not interested in flying in the face of what some might call tradition - I'd rather fall off the face of the earth! - but you'd rather cut off your nose to spite your face than be discovered you've got egg on your face.  It's written all over your face!  But I can talk till I'm red in the face to your resting bitch face but I have to face facts: if I don't do an about-face, I'm gonna fall flat on my face.  I took you at face value & now I have to face the music.  I'm request some face time but you'd just get in my face & insult me, saying something like I have a face that can stop a clock.  & I don't wanna face that.  It would be just a slap in the face.

What can I say?  It's a radio show about faces.  Tonight from 9-11pm eastern, 8-10pm central on 93.9 fm WLXU in Lexington & online at LCR Online.  Please listen.  I promise it won't be so in-your-face.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Preface To Faces: Confession Time Again

There are times when I am so lucky that Self Help Radio doesn't have superfans (or even average fans) who might nitpick things I say, might catch me in the off chance I re-do a theme, might grumble when I play a song that's really more fitting for a different theme.  In addition to that being weird - someone as interested in the show as I am - I mean, it seems freakin' unthinkable - such a situation would also make me more likely to be embarrassed about things that I am not usually embarrassed about, because no one really notices.

For example: Self Help Radio has covered the topic of faces before.


It's true.  It was on July 6, 2005, but it wasn't a show I was involved with.  It was subbed by a deejay named Danny Shiman, who was filling in for me becayse I had traveled that week to San Francisco with my girlfriend for to see an Indiepop Festival (I believe this was the one that had both the Lucksmiths & My Favorite!) & Danny gladly decided he'd keep the Self Help Radio format, if I gave him a theme to explore.  I gave him the theme "the human face."

The reason I chose this is because I knew it would be fairly easy to cover: he could play songs about eyes, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, etc.  & so he did.  You can find his playlist on this page but you'll have to scroll down to July.  It's instructive if you want to do so, not only to see that he played a great mix of songs in the tradition of the show, but also because I won't be playing any of these songs.

It was common in those days - or it would've been if it had happened more than a few times - for me to give people themes that I myself would've found too easy to cover - no disrespect to Danny.  So too later when my friend Justin subbed the show, I told him to do a show about tools, where I might have done a show exclusively about, say, hammers.  I remember an April 15 sub when I asked my guest host, Art, to cover death & taxes.  Death is one of those subjects you could actually do an entire, lifelong radio show about.  It seems a cheat to do that just once.  For me, not for someone who isn't always doing theme-based shows.

Anyway.  Faces has been a Self Help Radio theme before.  I haven't covered it, & it wasn't covered in the same dumb, obsessive way that I would've done it, although, again. Danny did a fine job.  I was pleased when I saw the playlist.  & yeah, I thought he did it far better than I would've.

& we'll see how true that is tomorrow, won't we?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Going To The State Fair Tomorrow

(Image from here.)

Yes, the wife & I will be attending the Texas State Fair in Dallas tomorrow, so I need to get this week's show done tonight so I haven't any time to write in the blog, so you'll have to enjoy a picture of Big Tex & maybe read the link above, about a vegan trying to find food at the fair.  We might have that problem, too.  We're not really going for the food.  Or, as it seems safer to call it, the "food."

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fort Worth Stories No. 2

Way back here, I told a story about our then-new surroundings in the western half of the Metroplex, but for some reason I never told another Fort Worth Story.

This past week, I shared this on Facebook, so I thought it would make a decent Fort Worth Story, even if it's not much of a story as it a series of observations.


At the Tom Thumb on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, time moves very slowly. The Eurythmics song on the store speakers sounds like it's a 45 played at 33. A man named Larry, who most probably fought in the Korean War & who should be dozing on a porch in retirement bliss, unhurriedly works the register in the ironically entitled Express Lane. He has a plastic bag fetish; he never puts more than two items in a bag, he loves to pull each one up & out in a deliberate, even robotic motion, handing them over after each completed fill to the customer, so someone who's bought the limit of fifteen items now has eight plastic bags in their shopping cart. A man who looks older than Larry, if that's possible, waits ten minutes in front of me to buy a can of peas. He seems so proud to get his can in a plastic bag but then can't figure out how to exit the store, & is still wandering around when it's my turn. As I approach the counter, I tell Larry, "I won't need a bag," & this makes him drop my Tom Thumb discount card. "No bags?" he says incredulously. Then he spends a minute trying to find my card behind the register. When I leave, I feel almost as old as Larry, & nowhere as proud of my purchase as the man with the can of peas, who follows me out the door, but then seems confused about where he's now found himself in the strange outside world.