Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preface To Unconsciousness: Are You All Right?

On a Princeton University page dealing with alcohol-related issues (vis a vis students & their drinking habits), they have this pearl of wisdom: "Do not assume an unconscious person is sleeping. The individual may be suffering from alcohol poisoning." Or worse!

I was going to try to dig through the internets to find that possibly anecdotal (or do I mean apocryphal?) study wherein psychologists tracked the amount of time it took city folk to respond to someone unconscious in the street as opposed to country folk. I know I have passed unconscious people, but usually they look like they're asleep (although it might be alcohol-induced) & they also look like they basically live on the streets. Still, I always feel bad.

I have never seen someone go from consciousness to unconsciousness on the streets. I think that would make me poop my pants. I have stepped in-between two people, in both fights & some dude hassling a chick, to prevent an event that might have ended up with one or both of them unconscious. Not because I am brave, as I am a coward, but because I hope my considerable bulk will seem scary to a person who's thinking of making another person unconscious.

What I do do is faint. I faint quite a bit. Not recently, but I think I've fainted enough to label myself a fainter. It's true! & most every time I've fainted, someone's helped me. But perhaps that's because I tend to faint around friends or classmates. & never, you know, on the street.

Friday, March 19, 2010

If Only We Spoke The Truth...

A recently funny thing reminded me of a funny thing from many moons ago. This is apparently new(ish), & I found on Mark Evanier's blog:

Which reminded him - & me - of a film called "Truth In Advertising," the full version of which I'd never seen. It's here:

Please enjoy. One day I may even learn how to embed video. Not today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Self Help Radio O'Clock

I am very lazy today & am just going to repeat here what I wrote on the Facebook Self Help Radio page. You should become a fan!

There are those who think that Self Help Radio doesn't tackle the tough & challenging issues of our day. They imagine the show is a frivolous, navel-gazing enterprise centered almost entirely around the quirks, idiosyncrasies, mental maladies & delusions of its host. Those people are entirely correct. However, occasionally Self Help Radio switches gears, puts on a shirt without holes in it, & looks difficult questions straight in the eye. So it happened this week, when Self Help Radio asked the question: What o'clock is it?

For though it was midnight in Huntington, it was not & could not be the same o'clock everywhere in the world. Who is to blame for this? What vast quasi-legal extra-governmental maneuvers made such a counter-intuitive world-view a reality? Self Help Radio decided to find out. Unfortunately, it didn't, but a radio show happened any way. Oh well.

The playlist is below. The show is at - or o'clock for those of you with digital time pieces. There is also another episode of Sugar Substitute in the same place, & I'm not sure, but I might have talked about foot sweat. It was late.

As always, thanks for listening. You're swell!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What O'Clock Is Self Help Radio Tonight?

It depends on where you are. For example, it will be on the air in Huntington when it is 5am in Frankfurt, but also when it is 6pm in Honolulu. But if you are in either of those places - or, really, anywhere but Huntington - it doesn't matter, because it airs live in Huntington on 88.1 fm WMUL & nowhere else. Nope! No streaming yet. But one day...

But of course I'll put the show soon after it airs on, so it can air any time you want it to. It's just going to air originally at midnight tonight, so if you need to hear it as it happens, & not on some recording, then you need to get your ass to West Virginia toot sweet.

You have like thirteen hours. I'll be here when you get here. You crazy fool you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whither What O'Clock Is It?

Not terribly fun fact! In its infancy, Self Help Radio did a show about clocks! (On October 22, 2003!)

Corollary fun fact that is as equal in its lack of fun as the previous fun fact! This show will not be like that show at all!

Also not terribly fun fact! In the history of Self Help Radio (seven & a half years!) there has only been one (1) previous theme that's been a question! ("Are You Sure?" November 18, 2009!)

Darned uninteresting fun fact! In two (2) weeks, Self Help Radio will present another theme that is a question! ("Does It Matter?" March 29, 2010!)

These aren't fun facts! Why do you call them fun facts! They're not of interest to anyone but the host of Self Help Radio!

Well, you don't have to be so mean about it.