Saturday, October 02, 2021

Sunlight On Wall

Sunlight is not an easy thing to photograph.  As this week's show is about sunlight, I looked into my own photos to see if I had tried to take a picture of it.  I did this primarily by looking at what I titled the photos.  This is one of two I found.  I called it "Sunlight On Wall" & I took it December 31, 2016.  This means I was in Texas, but I have no idea where exactly the picture was taken.

The other picture I intend to use for the image associated with the show, but it's equally bad at capturing sunlight.  Maybe I should try to take some sunlight pictures in the next couple of days for the purposes of the show?  I think it may be sunny today...

Friday, October 01, 2021

The Door To Movies

(image from IMDb)

This week's Self Help Radio was about doors, & our resident cinephile Chuck stopped by to talk to us about some doorsy movies.  Or as he put it, "Films on the list are tagged on IMDb with 'door,' films with songs by The Doors (not necessarily performed by), & films tagged with 'trapdoor.'"

Here are the relevant links:

Chuck's Twitter Feed
The YouTube playlist
Reviews By Chuck Of The Films He Watched*
IMDb List Of Films Available To Stream For Free Elsewhere
& finally, the IMDb searches: for door, for The Doors**, & for trapdoor.

As always, here's hoping there's something you find here that you enjoy.  Who knows?  A door to whole other kind of movie might be opening for you!

* Chuck notes that "there are separate tags for trapdoor and The Doors but all have this tag."
** This is just Jim Morrison's IMDb page.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Self Help Radio 092821: Doors

One of the perils of a radio show about a subject like "doors" is that someone might think it's a show about The Doors.  It's not, although there is some The Doors content, but way more doors content.  I suppose I'd have the same trouble if I did a show about the police or perhaps even about cars.  Cars?  Or The Cars?  Oh for pete's sake!

Self Help Radio this week knocked on doors, it went through doors, it closed doors, it went around to the back door, it opened doors, it went next door, it even watched closing doors.  In the process (as you'll see below) we also spoke with a doorman, with a next-door neighbor, & with a former fan of the Doors (see! The Doors content!).  As well, our friend Chuck stopped by to talk about films with doors prominently featured.  All this & lots of music & a lot of pleas for helping KBOO in our Fall Membership Drive.  You can do so by click that link!

You can listen to the show about both the KBOO Self Help Radio page & at the Self Help Radio website (where you'll need the username SHR & the password selfhelp).  What happens on the show is below.  Don't close the door!  But do knock first.

Self Help Radio Doors Show
"There He Is (At My Door)" The Vells _The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 2: 1962_
"Open The Door, Richard" Jack McVea & His All-Stars _Rarely Was Honkin' Sax So Much Fun_
"Knock On Any Door" Beat Happening _Music To Climb The Apple Tree By_

introduction & definitions

"Doors Of Your Heart " The English Beat _Wha'ppen_
"Banging The Door" Public Image Ltd. _The Flowers Of Romance_
"Door Deal" Mitch Hedberg _Do You Believe In Gosh?_
"Behind Closed Doors" Jackie Moore _You Better Believe It! Vol. 2 (Rare & Modern Soul Gems From The Vaults Of Atco, Atlantic, Cotillion, & Warner Bros. 1967-1979)_
"The Door" Tammy Allen _Glad I'm A Girl_

interview with doorman Ray Chopper

"The Doorman" Mandolin Orange _This Side Of Jordan_
"Open The Door, Homer" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians _The Kershaw Sessions_
"Front Door/Backside" Brak _Space Ghost's Surf & Turf_
"Open The Door To Your Heart" Betty Wright _Explosion_
"Watch The Closing Doors" I.R.T. (Interboro Rhythm Team) _Watch The Closing Doors_

interview with my neighbor Stephen

"Next Door Neighbour" Leon & Owen Silveras _Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set_
"The Boy Next Door" Bettye Swann _The Complete Atlantic Recordings_
"The Music Next Door" The Lucksmiths _Warmer Corners_
"Bob & Ray's Overstocked Warehouse: Door Chimes" Bob & Ray _Classic Bob & Ray: Volume 1_
"Collapsing At Your Doorstep" Air France _No Way Down_

interview with Morrison Watson, former head of the Danville Doors Fan Club

"Doors" Bruce McCulloch _Shame-Based Man_
"Back Door Man" The Doors _The Doors_
"Open Up The Back Door" The Midnighters _Sexy Ways: The Best Of Hank Ballard & The Midnighters_
"Open The Door" Betty Carter _Inside Betty Carter_
"I Come & Stand At Every Door" This Mortal Coil _Blood_

Chuck stops by to talk about films featuring doors, songs by the Doors, & trap doors

"Trap Door" Stars _No One Is Lost_
"Let My Love Open The Door" Rogue Wave _Cover Me_
"The Enchanted Door" Joan Gerber _The Story Lady_
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" Booker T. Jones _How Many Roads (Black America Sings Bob Dylan)_
"River, Stay Away From My Door" Paul Robeson _Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? (Great American Songs Of The Depression)_
"White Stone Door" The Mekons _Natural_

idioms with 'door'!

"Green Door" The Cramps _Psychedelic Jungle_
"The Red Door" The Aislers Set _The Last Match_
"Doorframe" The Mantles _All Odds End_
"Walk Out The Door If You Wanna" Yvonne Fair _The Bitch Is Black_
"I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) (Part I)" James Brown _Star Time_

conclusion & goodbye

"My Door Is Never" The Fall _Reformation Post TLC_
"Ghosts In Doorways" Cleaners From Venus _In The Golden Autumn_
"Painting The Foors" Lisa Germano _Magic Neighbor_
"Don't Die On My Doorstep" Felt _The Pictorial Jackson Review_

Monday, September 27, 2021

Whither Doors?

This is something I just did: I counted the doors in my house.  I counted ten doors, including one garage, one sliding glass, & one pocket.  I did not count any cabinet, appliance, or closet doors.  That would run into the many dozens.  & just realizing how many doors one has in one's life is kind of mind-blowing.

The thing is, there are hardly any songs about cabinet doors or closet doors.  The major doors - the ones that let us in from outside & vice-versa - are the ones musicians sing about - or at least using those doors as metaphors.  & as such those are the doors about which you'll hear in song on tonight's show.

Plus!  I'll talk to a doorman, a next-door neighbor, & a fan of the Doors.  & we'll talk about movies featuring doors as well.  Can I tell you I listened to literally hundreds of songs for this show?  I'm a little doored out, actually.  But.  I'll gather my strength for tonight's show.

Midnight to 3am on 90.7fm KBOO Portland, online.  Don't worry about knocking, just come right in!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Preface To Doors: A Reiteration Of Policy

(I don't know where I found this but it's brilliant.)

No one really calls & makes requests in Portland, so I haven't had to deal with this, but when I first started Self Help Radio, it was very common for someone to request something by a band that was named after a theme rather than a song.  For example, I once did a Halloween show about zombies, & someone would call & recommend the Zombies.  I would say, "Do they have any songs about zombies?"

There's no real reason for this - I dunno, would you call it a policy?  It just always felt a little like cheating to me.  So if a band matched the theme, I wouldn't play them unless they had a song that fit the theme, like every other band or musician on the show.

That's a somewhat long-winded way of saying, you probably won't hear any songs by the band The Doors unless they have a song that somehow involves doors.  Most bands don't really do that - it seems somewhat precious.  But don't put that sort of thing past Mr. Jim Morrison.

Actually, I was going to take a moment to sort of express how I feel about the Doors, but I know you don't care, so I'll just say my favorite Doors song is probably "Love Her Madly."  I just love the part when he sings "All your love is gone."  Gets me every time.