Friday, September 08, 2023

Self Help Radio 090723: Invitations

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Did many people accept the invitation to hear Self Help Radio's show about invitations? I dunno! I do radio in a little room with headphones on! But I did invite some guests to talk to - they showed up - & there was lots of music to keep me company. I will pretend it was the best-attended radio show about invitations of the season!

It turns out though that you're still invited to listen - because the show is now online. Listen whenever you feel like it at the show's website - your RSVP will be a username - SHR - & a password - selfhelp. The schedule of events is below. Welcome! I hope you have a lovely time.

Self Help Radio Invitations Show
"Invitation" Dinah Washington _A Night Out With Verve_
"The River's Invitation" Percy Mayfield _The Chronological Percy Mayfield 1951-1954_
"Invitation To The Blues" Ella Mae Morse _Barrelhouse, Boogie, & The Blues_

introduction & definitions

"(You're All Invited To) Henrietta's Wedding" Champ Butler _Down Yonder With Champ Butler_
"Invitation To A Wedding" Barbara Jackson _Girls Girls Girls Volume 12_
"Invite The Mall" Space Ghost _Yeah, Whatever..._
"Invitation" A Band Of Angels _British Soul Vol. 1 (Classic British Label Northern Soul Rarities)_
"Been Invited To A Party" Glenda Collins _Been Invited To A Party_

our resident cinephile Chuck stops by!

"You're Invited To A Party" The Victorians _Girls Go Zonk!!_
"An Invitation To Cry" The Magicians _Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968)_
"Party Invitation" Todd Barry _Medium Energy_
"Don't Send Me An Invitation" Honey Cone _Love, Peace, & Soul_
"Invitation To The Blues" Tom Waits _Small Change_

interview with etiquette expert Teresa Connor

"Invitation Inn" Mates Of State _A House Full Of Friends_
"Let's Invite Them Over (with Iris DeMent)" John Prine _Live From Sessions At West 54th_
"Invitation" Frankie & The Heartstrings _The Days Run Away_
"Chant D'Invitation A La Danse" Maboudana & Badolo _Hot Women: Women Singers From The Torrid Regions Of The World_

interview with professional inviter Travis Corn

"Invitation" The Feelies _Time For A Witness_
"Invitation" Filthy Friends _Invitation_
"Invitation To The White House" Kinky Friedman & Little Jewford _Classic Snatches From Europe_
"Uninvited Dream" Peggy Lee _The Man I Love_
"Open Invitation" Grant McLennan _Horsebreaker Star_

interview with my friend Todd Campbell

"Invitation" Eden's Children _Sure Looks Real_
"Invitation Au Silence" Laetitia Sadier _Silencio_
"On Invite Only" Jimmy Pursey _Alien Orphan_
"Invitation Day" Low & Dirty Three _In The Fishtank 7_

conclusion & goodbye

"Invitation" The High Violets _To Where You Are_
"An Invitation" Fairmont _We Will Burn That Bridge When We Get To It_

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Whither Invitations?

(a classic tweet from someone who no longer has an account on dying twitter)

The show this week is about invitations. I don't know if I've ever received a formal invitation. & I am unsure if I've sent one. Maybe a formal e-vite? Is that possible?

Luckily on the show we'll have a person who is knowledgeable about the etiquette of invitation. & someone who is a professional inviter. & much more. I hope it sounds inviting. Because you're invited!

That's today! Noon to 2pm on Freeform Portland. Which you can find on the air in Portland at 90.3+98.3fm & online at freeform portland dot org.

No need to RSVP! I'll assume everyone I invited - which is everyone - will come.

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Preface To Invitations: By Invite Only?

(image from here)

Let me just quell a few fear that have almost certainly not been circulating about this week's show, the theme of which is "invitations." You do not need an invitation to listen to the show. Like any other radio show I do, it just goes out over the airwaves & through the vast tubes of the internet & you can choose to tune in or, like pretty much everyone, not.

But if you feel an invitation is needed for a show about invitations, let this be your invitation: you're invited! When you listen, you are a welcome invited guest of the show. It's all for you! So please enjoy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Stairs To Nowhere

It's been a few years since I started taking pictures on dog walks & other adventures with an admittedly crappy digital camera. ("Why do you have that when you have a phone?" is a question I get asked a lot.) On days like today when I have nothing radio to talk about (as if I ever really have anything radio to talk about), I like to go back through the photos I've saved on this day & see if they spark any memories.

This one is from 2014 & I think it was taken in Lexington. We went to some festival & these were shots I took somewhere on the city's north side. It was a part of town I didn't much get to, & I wouldn't have thought about that day much at all if it weren't for these pictures. So hooray for a kind of diary they serve as for me!

Abandoned places fascinate me. I told the wife today that if I had a lot of money I'd just buy lots of houses in places where the property values are low. They'd be terrible investments as I wouldn't really want to develop them, just let them sit there & exist, but I'd still have to pay property taxes & also deal with angry neighbors, but there's a certain beauty to dilapidation & ruin.

First I'd give a lot of money to radio stations, of course. But if I had a lot left over, yeah, I'd own places where the stairs didn't go anywhere.

Monday, September 04, 2023

Now You Know

Nunavut, the largest, northernmost, & newest territory of Canada, is 6.6% larger than Mexico.

What you do with such information I can't say. But you now have it.

Image from here.

(& happy Labor Day!)