Friday, May 17, 2019

Self Help Radio 051719: May 17th

Amazingly, there have been five episodes of Self Help Radio that have happened on May 17th!

The themes explored were: in 2008, Lemons: in 2010, What Happened?; in 2013,
Caesar; in 2016, Attack!; & lastly, in 2017,

& you know what?  I am making them all available in case you want to listen back over ten years, just because there hasn't been a Self Help Radio in nearly six week and in anticipation of next week's return!

So:  You can click theses links to listen to the href="">Lemon
show: part one & part two.
To listen to the What Happened? show, choose either part one & part two.

You feeling like some imperial Rome-y?  Try the Caesar show: part one & part two.

Does it feel like an attack is coming on?  You're just thinking of the Attack! show, which you can hear in two parts: part one & part two.

Our maybe you believe first will be last, as is the case here.  The show about Firsts, which aired just two years ago, can be listened to like this: part one & part two.

That's five shows of nonsense from (I believe) three or maybe four different radio stations, spanning nine years of Self Help Radio!

(Please remember, you'll need to know that the username is SHR & the password is selfhelp to listen to any of the shows.)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

There's A New Intro A-Comin'

Yeah, so, a few years ago, I started making new intros for my show - it's been a year since the last one, more or less - I tend to do them in May since, back in the day, it was when the new semester began at WRFL - it was also when the new "season" began at KOOP - although I am told they don't do that anymore - anyway, it became the regular thing for me to do, to make a new intro in May, & hey!  Guess what?! It's May!

Tonight I made the first meal in our new house - the pots & pans were unpacked on this very day - & gosh if only I carried a camera on me in some device that could double as a phone I'd take pix to show you how I've already unpacked my music library.  To tell the truth, I am feeling like I'm a bit behind with pretty much everything.  But I made food tonight!  I swear!

There'll be a show in about a week.  It won't be on the Portland airwaves but there will be Gary in the air in Portland soon enough.  I hope.  I want to promise.  But I can't.

But there will be a new intro for you to preview in the next few days.  That's for sure.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Busy Day

Lots of stuff still unpacked.  We ate out again tonight though I planned to make food.

It rained most of the day, but nothing too drenchy.  Walked the hounds in the morning, again at night, with the sun peeking through the clouds in the west.  Will I ever get used to the chilly spring again?

Went for a meeting at a local station & signed up to volunteer.  I am not going to be specific just yet but I am not entirely sure this station's for me.  Still, everyone was very nice & the fact that I've been involved with noncommercial radio for twenty-five years seems a big draw.  Will probably start volunteering in a week.

A couple of days ago I did purchase legally some edibles from a dispensary but keep forgetting to eat them.  I've not been much of a marijuana guy but I figure, when in Portland, do as the Portlanders do. & they must do pot a lot.  I have seen one liquor store & there are dispensaries on nearly every block.

Our new cable service has a voice-search command.  It's very weird to watch the wife enunciate into a remote control, "What. We. Do. In. The. Shadows."  But it seems to work.

New Self Help Radio in t-minus nine days & counting.  Oh shit, I need to work on a new intro!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Our Stuff Arrived Today

It's true, I went to go shopping & came back to see a giant moving van in front of our rental unloading all our stuff.

Before & after dinner, I put my shelves together & started unloading my CDs.  I'm about 3/5th of the way done, but I need to stop for the night.

The wife decided where her sofa should go, put out the pillows & cushions, turned on the television, & promptly fell asleep.

Tomorrow at noon I have a meeting with one of the stations I hope to volunteer with.  I am looking forward.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Our Stuff Hasn't Arrived Yet

Also I wish the radio stations I've contacted here would get back to me.  I am thinking on Wednesday I might just show up & say hello.

Otherwise it's been great.  Sunny but not hot, lots of walking around, too many places to find good food.  Our neighbors are great, too - they brought us banana bread tonight.  & they like our dogs & cats.

There'll be a new Self Help Radio in a little over a week.  I wonder if I'll be ready for that?