Friday, October 17, 2014

Self Help Radio 101714: Soup

Mmm, soup!

Lots of soupy songs today (including soups that may not exist) & some soupy talk on the show.  I have nothing really to add, except the show has been sufficiently salted.  You really don't need to add any more.  Think of your blood pressure!

The show can be listened to now & any time really at the Self Help Radio website.  Pay attention to the password info!  & the songs I played are listed below.


(part one)

"The Soup Song" New Singers _Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954, Vol. 1 - The Leftist Roots Of The Folk Revival_
"No Soup" Charioteers _Swing Low, Sweet Charioteers_
"Soup" The Impacts _Now Is The Time_

"Chicken Soup With Rice" Tammy Grimes _Where The Wild Things Are & Other Stories by Maurice Sendak_
"Strange Things In My Soup" Allan Sherman _My Son The Box_
"Romany Soup" Tyrannosaurus Rex _Unicorn_
"The Same Old Soup" Joe Tex _Green Green Grass Of Home_

"The Wonderful Soup Stone" Bobby Bare _Bobby Bare Sings Lullabys, Legends, & Lies_
"Praise The Lord & Pass The Soup" Johnny Cash _The Folk Singer_
"(Take Your Elbow Out The Soup) You're Sitting On The Chicken" Ian Dury & The Blockheads _Laughter_
"Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)" The 8th Day _The 8th Day_

"Soup Pot" The Billy Nayer Show _The Billy Nayer Show_
"Soup Spiller" Bitter Springs _Five Die Filming This Lazy Lark_
"Cold Dog Soup" Guy Clark _Cold Dog Soup_

(part two)

"Soup" The Mighty Boosh _The Complete BBC Radio 4 Series The Mighty Boosh_
"Pumpkin Soup & Mashed Potatoes" The Fall _The Unutterable_
"Stone Soup" King Khan & The Shrines _Mr. Supernatural_
"Ketchup Soup" Teen Idols _Short Music For Short People_

"Nine Bowls Of Soup" They Might Be Giants _Here Come The 123s_
"Soup" MJ Hibbett _Hibbett's Superstore_
"Soup" The Wedding Present _El Rey_
"Can Of Soup" Deniz Tek _Detroit_

"Alphabet Soup" Catnaps _Why Don't You Whisper?_
"Eyeball Soup" The Uncluded _Hokey Fright_
"Quantum Soup" Laetitia Sadier _Something Shines_

"Soup" Can _Ege Bamyasi_

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whither Soup?

Do you need a reason, ever, to do a radio show about food?  I try to stay away from food, myself, on the radio, mainly because there are lots of songs about meat, & I don't want to play them.  I remember reviewing a CD recently in which a person talked about going to heaven & eating barbecue up there.  It completely baffled me that someone would imagine going to heaven - the place where the god they believe in lives - & they'd still slaughter animals to eat.  It conjures up the image of the soul of a poor calf mistreated & murdered for veal, & its soul rising up to heaven, & once there - it gets murdered again!  How awful!

There are a few meat soup songs on tomorrow's show, I confess.  I suffered through them.  But mostly, you know, the soup songs are silly or metaphorical.  Like all that is important in life.

Is that true?

The show's on tomorrow morning from 7 to 9am on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington.  It's also online at WRFL dot FM.  & of course I'll keep the soup show warm & put it on the
Self Help Radio website.

But if there's no bread left when you get there, it's your own damn fault!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Preface To Soup: I Was In Louisville All Day

I went to Louisville to see an old friend.  We ate at a weird fusion sushi bar & then had whiskey across the street at a bar waiting for people who want to dance to show up.  I took my friend to his hotel as soon as the people who wanted to dance started showing up.

I didn't have any soup at the sushi restaurant.  I think I'll make myself some soup tomorrow.  Because I should.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Comic Book Nerd Television Show Round-Up

No one cares, but I should mention that my dumb ratings for dumb comic book television shows if not for you but for me why the hell not?

"Gotham" is not terribly interesting at this point.  I wish someone like Ed Brubaker were writing it.  It seems to suffer from what I call "episoditis," a disease that afflicts television shows that want to stay on the air as long as possible.  The show treads water as long as it can, waiting for milestones or (more likely) ratings weeks to do interesting things.  It's the reason cable is better than network television.  Apparently there'll be a full season of the show, but it needs to find some kind of focus or else no one will give a shit.  Despite being extremely fertile ground for storytelling.

Tonight's "Agents Of SHIELD" was fun but I am still not interested much in the show.  Clark Gregg is great as Coulson but I often find his wisecracking, in the context of the show, utterly awkward & baffling.  But I stick with it despite, seriously, being bored with most of what's going down because, & I can't stress this enough, I watched all ten seasons of Smallville
.  So if I finally give up on this show in a couple of years, no skin off my back.  I wish it were better.  But I forget it, most of the time, right after I've seen it.
"The Flash" is a lot of fun, & the machinations of Professor Zoom are enough to keep me at the edge of my seat.  It's only two episodes in, so I reserve the right to change my opinion later, but I've enjoyed the two episodes I've seen.  I just hope they don't kill the whole "he's new at this!" to death.  Barry Allen is a smart guy.  He'll learn fast.  Get it?  "Fast"?  Why aren't I writing this show?

"Arrow" was the best comic book show I've watched in a long time the last two seasons.  Ask me in December how I'm feeling.  I'm still a little heartbroken at the death of Caity Lotz's character.  Let's hope she gets a superhero show all her own.  Oh my!  Caity Lotz as Wonder Woman?  Did I say that out loud?

Monday, October 13, 2014

I Am Skeered Of Twitter

There are two (or maybe three, why in the world would I even attempt to make this sort of generalization) kinds of folks on the Twitter:

1) Funny people being clever.

2) People who think Twitter is like Facebook but they don't know everyone can see everything they write.

Now that I think about it, there are more, which includes people who promote shit on Twitter plus people who forward things on Twitter, & really, how different is Twitter really from Facebook because oh who care there's no argument here move along.

I feel like I can't be genuine on Twitter because I represent a radio show but also I feel like I can't compete with the funny people because I'm not really funny.

This is an example of a Twit I wrote today:

"Someone asked me how long I've been married & if I had 'the seven year itch.' I said I might have, but it turned out to be terrible eczema."

Not funny!  Someone's done this before!  It made random people laugh but they're not Twitter!  What the fuck am I doing?

Ah well.  I'm used to this.