Friday, June 02, 2017

Self Help Radio 053117: Bars

(Original image here.)

Whew!  That was a hell of a night!  When did we finally get home?  Did I throw up in the taxi?

Has a radio show ever come as close to turning itself into a dive bar as this week's Self Help Radio?  Yes, probably in the 1970s so I should just get over myself.  Good lord!  It's just a radio show with a bunch of songs about bars.  It's not like I played pool all night long while playing over & over the only good song on the crappy jukebox, which of course is "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen.  In any event, the show was completely dry - & what kind of bar has no beer?

What did happen was that two tavern owners chatted with me about their establishments, & I spoke with a professional Drinking Companion, & my spiritual mentor called & didn't talk much about bars.    Plus all that music.  Which I think was expertly chosen & placed for superior listening enjoyment but you know what I should just get over myself.

The show is available now at the Self Help Radio web page.  Please note the username/password information on the page.  The show is in two parts, & what songs are in each part is listed below.

Ugh, who's going to clean up all this?

(part one)

"Bar Room Polka" Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks _Greatest Polka Hits_
"Corner Street Bar" Dillard & Clark _Through The Morning Through The Night_
"Alabama Song" David Bowie _Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)_

"'02: Be True To Your Bar" The Magnetic Fields _50 Song Memoir_
"Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Theme From 'Cheers')" The Wedding Present _Singles 1995-97_
"I Tell You With Bars I Am Never Lucky" Rodney Dangerfield _Rappin' Rodney_
"Bar Fly Blues" Jimmy Witherspoon with Jay McShann & His Sextette _The Mercury Blues & Rhythm Story 1945-1955_
"Swinging Doors" Merle Haggard _Down Every Road 1962-1994_

"Happy Hour" The Housemartins _Live At The BBC_
"2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please" Splodgenessabounds _Teenage Kicks_
"The Girl Behind The Bar" Johnny Ashcroft _They're A Weird Mob_
"Closing Time" Leonard Cohen _The Future_

"Between The Bars" Tanya Donelly _Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith_
"Beer Nut" The Lucksmiths _Happy Secret_

(part two)

"Bartender" Laurel Aitken _You Got Me Rockin' (The Blue Beat Years 1960-1964)_
"Too Many Taverns" King Sterling & His Blue Grass Melody Boys _Texas Bop, Vol. 2_
"I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar" Jonathan Richman _I, Jonathan_

"Sally Maclennane" The Pogues _Rum, Sodomy, & The Lash_
"A Pub With No Beer" Slim Dusty _The Best Of Slim Dusty_
"Any More Rocket Fuel/Hardhats" Firesign Theatre _Dear Friends_
"No Hope Bar" Holly Golightly _Singles Round-Up_
"Barmaid" Jerry Colonna _Songs For Screaming_

"There Is A Tavern In The Town" Wally Cox _Golden Goofers_
"Wunderbarmaid" Martin Newell _Let's Kiosk!_
"Outside This Bar" American Music Club _Engine_
"All Bar One Girls" The Long Blondes _Someone To Drive You Home_

"Bartender's Blues" Merrill Moore _Boogie My Blues Away_
"Hey Bartender Give That Man A Drink" Jumpin' Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra _The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957_
"This Tavern Boogie" JT Brown _Rockin' With J.T._

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whither Bars?

(A famous television bar.  Image from here.)

Honestly I do wish I spent more time in bars.  I wish I knew a bunch of people who were regulars & I was a regular & I had a tab & when I walked in people were glad to see me & the bartender knew what I wanted to drink.  That's not something that's ever happened to me.

In fact, I kind of hate the whole business model of bars - it's expensive to drink in bars when you compare with buying the booze yourself & enjoying it at home.  I'm not a cheapskate or anything but that's always bugged me - but only because I never had the other benefits of a bar, the friends, the camaraderie, the feeling of belonging.  I should understand I'm paying for more than a drink.

Having said all that, I think this will be a good episode.  I have a fondness for bars because I do like drinking & I do like seeing live music.  I think you will enjoy the show, & maybe you'll even hear it in a bar.  But.  Probably not.

The show's on tonight from 9-11pm eastern, 8-10pm central, on WLXU, 93.9 fm.  It's also online at the Lexington Community Radio page.

Dude!  There's no cover charge!  No one's gonna check your ID!  Just go right in!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Preface To Bars: Favorites

Do you have a favorite bar?  As someone who didn't really start drinking until my mid-20s, I didn't even know - except maybe for TV shows like Cheers - that one could have a favorite bar.  In fact, I've never had a bar like the one in Cheers.  Not even close.

& the more I think about it, all my favorite places to drink were in Austin.  & now they're gone.  Seriously.

The truth is, most of the bars I went to, I didn't go for things like drinking, or atmosphere, or coolness.  I went for one thing: cheese fries.  In my pre-vegan days I would travel far & wide for cheese fries.  With lots of jalapeños on them.  My god.

For fuck's sake I said no bacon!  Assholes.  Yes, I'll wait for you to make a new batch.  Don't just scrape it off!

There was a bar close to downtown Austin that I used to bus to - this was in my bachelor days, when I had no car - just to sit & read & have a couple of beers & eat cheese fries.  This was so long ago & they closed before the turn of the century that I can't remember their name.  I went there with a friend the last night they were open & they were out of beer - I guess they were a brew pub - but the sad thing was also that the kitchen was closed.  I wonder what's there now?  Not a bar, that's for sure.

At some point I became all right with the cheese fries at a place called The Dog & Duck, on Guadalupe.  It was near my work so sometimes we'd go there on Fridays to drink & hang out.  It closed some time back, but I just checked & they've opened a new location in East Austin.  I don't go back to Austin very much anymore but I doubt I'd go back there.  For one thing, I mainly went for the cheese fries.  & I don't eat cheese anymore.

A great bar with a great jukebox was Lovejoy's, which closed four years ago.  During South By Southwest they'd have cool day shows; I practiced (& mostly failed) picking up pretty girls there.  It was right off Sixth Street, near KOOP, & I'd occasionally stop in for a pint after a meeting.  It was usually crowded, but I'd find a lonesome spot to watch the proceedings.  Chain smoking miserably.  Funny how you can miss such things.

& it would be remiss not to say something about Club DeVille.  Not a favorite of mine - it was more a cocktail bar than anything else - but it was cool to take women there.  Also, I deejayed there a couple of times for KOOP, so when it closed it was like, There's no proof left anymore you did anything Gary.

For whatever reason, I never went to a lot of bars in Lexington, so I don't really have an opinion about any of them.  & I have only been to one place here in Fort Worth, where I saw a show, & didn't even drink.  There's a pub down the street (within walking distance, sort of) called the Royal Falcon Pub but I've read on Yelp that the place is choked with cigarette smoke which made me realize that Fort Worth isn't smoke-free.  That's kind of fucked-up.  It's 20damn17 folks!

Maybe I won't be exploring bars here for a while.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Blow-By-Blow Play-By-Play

What am I doing? Editing the interviews that will appear on the show this week.  What?  You thought they were live?  I haven't been hiding anything!

They're pretty funny this week but I had such a good time with them & so they are long, long, looooooonnng.  That makes them hard to edit, because I don't want to cut out too much hilarity.  Usually my solution to this is quite simply to cut out as much of me as possible, so that's been the plan.  Just know that when you hear something that sounds like it might have been expanded upon, it might have been - it just didn't fit into the allotted time.

Really though I very much enjoy this process - so much so that I wish I could do it for more things.  Like, there's been talk by the person who plays my spiritual mentor the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently of having the "good" "doctor" branch out into his own podcast.  I would love to be involved with that - especially editing it.  I would not be creating any content - perhaps playing the naïve soul around the doc as I do on the radio - but I'd be glad to do with that what I do with my show.

It's like a variation on that Smiths line - "& when you want to live, where do you start, where do you go, who do you need to know?"  Perhaps I should make more friends, then make them start podcasts, & then offer to edit the podcasts for them.  It seems like so much work to get so much work, though.

Between you & me, I've thought about making a kind of podcast of stuff that I find that's not music related, to be around thirty minutes each, featuring me talking & samples & other things, but I am always less motivated to do something for me than if it's something for someone else.  If Self Help Radio didn't air weekly, I'd probably never get around to it.

Okay, thanks for taking this break with me.  Back to the editing process!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

This Long Weekend

Whatcha doin'?  I'm going to see these guys tonight:

The new album I am enjoying quite a bit, although I do kinda wish the band had decided to ape the goth style on all the tracks, not just this first one.

By the way, doesn't that song sound like a kind of riff on this song: