Friday, July 11, 2014

Self Help Radio 071114: Ruby

Is my website still up?  For now?  Okay.

This morning I had a gem of a show - all about rubies, or Rubys, as the case may be.  Only one person called to tell me he didn't like anything I was playing!  It was a good day.

The show is here as long as the website is: Self Help Radio website.  It's also in two parts, here & here.  The beautiful deep red songs I played are below.

Please enjoy & thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Ruby" Merkin _Music From Merkin Manor_
"Ruby" Silver Apples _Contact_
"Ruby" Sneakers _Sneakers EP_

"Ruby" Ray Charles _Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection_
"Ruby" Boss Hog _Girl Positive EP_
"Ruby" Simon Bonney _Everyman_
"Ruby" The Apples In Stereo _Her Wallpaper Reverie_

"Ruby" Kristin Hersh _Sunny Border Blue_
"Ruby II" Amy Millan _Honey From The Tombs_
"Ruby" Kaiser Chiefs _Yours Truly Angry Mob_
"Ruby" Tania & Juan _Ruby_

"Ruby Tuesday" Melanie _Melanie_

(part two)

"Rubylove" Cat Stevens _Teaser & The Firecat_
"Little Ruby Rain" Markley _A Group_
"Ruby Dean" Bobby Womack _Understanding_

"Rock & Roll Ruby" Warren Smith _The Sun Records Collection_
"My Little Ruby" Chan Romero _The Del-Fi & Donna Records Story_
"Wicked Ruby" Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks _Wicked Ruby_
"Rock-Ola Ruby" Sonee West _Rock-A-Billy Dynamite_

"See Ruby Fall" Johnny Cash _Hello, I'm Johnny Cash_
"Ruby Ann" Marty Robbins _Marty Robbins Rocks_
"Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man?" Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolk _From The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1934-1973_
"Ruby Dear" Talking Heads _Naked_

"Hey Ruby (Shut Your Mouth)" Ruby & The Party Gang _The Sound Of Philadelphia - Funk, Soul, & The Roots Of Disco 1965-73: Philadelphia Roots, Vol. 2_
"Ruby Horse" The Wonder Stuff _The Eight Legged Groove Machine_
"Rhubarb Ruby" The Spectors _Beat Is Murder: Cockfights & Cakefights 1992-1996_

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whither Ruby?

God, it's been an exhausting week.  Website attacks, dentists, lack of sleep - blergh.  I just need to stare at a picture of cute animals being sweet to one another:
Well, that helps a little.

Tomorrow, a show about people named "Ruby" & also lots of talk about the gemstone called a ruby.  It's happening from 7 to 9 am on the 88.1 fm frequency in Lexington & its surroundings, or online at wrfl dot fm.  I hope you can listen - there's lots of neat stuff happening then & there.

If I still have a website in the afternoon, though, I'll put the show up for you, if you're not up to hear it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Site Down

While I was on vacation last week, I got an email from my web hosting service that said that my site had been suspended because too many files had been downloaded from the server in a short period of time.  In talking with a support person at the place, I discovered it looked like it came from a handful of very similar IP addresses.  We both agreed it seemed malicious, & although it violated the company's terms of agreement, it wasn't my fault (though of course it was my responsibility to deal with it).  They gave me several options, I picked the cheapest one (which was free but required I enter in the offending IP addresses & block them).  Then my site was restored.

The same thing happened today, but the person I just talked to, while trying to be a sensitive bro, told me I had to remove the offending files before my site could be restored.  That's basically every radio show on the site.

Do you know how many people download & listen to my shows?  Very few.  I've been with this hosting service since 2009.  Nothing like this has happened before this month.  & yet, for some reason, I'm being told the only two solutions are gutting the site (well, I could put the shows on Soundcloud or Youtube - this seems the equivalent of the folks at Wal-Mart telling me how to get food stamps) or paying more for a private server which would also be shut down the minute some asshat wrote a program that downloaded the entire site in an hour.

I am so exhausted by all this.  I no longer want to stay with this company, but I also have no time to research other companies to find something better or at the very least not worse (though the bar has been set rather low).  Until such a time, or in the small chance there's a simpler solution to the problem (they haven't yet responded to my last "ticket"), the site won't be there.

This is something they haven't said to me, but I'll say it to you: I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


The front page of the Self Help Radio Tumblr site

You've heard me say this before: I'm terrible at promoting things.  I have a Twitter account (here) but I don't feel nearly clever enough to write something in it every day (I've been trying to put into words some wry observation I've wanted to make about realtors but can't seem to do it); I only got it because I felt like everyone was saying it was a good thing to use to connect with "fans," something I'm not sure I have.  & a while back, someone was talking about Tumblr.  So back then, sure, I started a Tumblr blog.

Wow, Tumblr has become something very different than I thought it would.  It's sort of true to say it's kind of an open-air Facebook, but also not.  Initially, I used the Self Help Radio Tumblr site (here) to post pictures I scanned or stole from the web with music videos.  It was something I did when I remembered it existed.

A couple of months ago, though, some of the Tumblr blogs I stumbled on had photographs - not reblogged photos, but photos taken by the owners of the blog.  They weren't spectacular, but there was a nice, personal feel to them.  & I said to myself, I have a digital camera, I should take pictures, &, if I like them, I can put them somewhere.

So I share them on my personal Facebook account, but also on my Tumblr site.  Above you can see the most recent two pictures I've taken.  I don't give any details on the blog (no one cares), but I will here: one of those was taken at an elementary school playground in Dallas, & another in downtown Lexington.

I know the pictures are mainly interesting to me.  But in case you didn't know they existed, I wanted to show them to you.  If you don't want to tell me what you think, that's cool.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Seven

Sleepy John Estes

I have put up the most recent episode of my blues show, Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, on the Self Help Radio website.  You can listen now!

The show, which I hastily prepared after I returned from vacation, features songs I didn't have time to play on my previous six shows.  I don't think it sounds awful for all that - but what I played is below:

"The Old Folks Started It" Minnie Wallace _Memphis Jug Band: Associates & Alternate Takes (1927-30)_
"The Gallis Pole" Lead Belly _Country Blues Outlaws_
"Black Woman Swing" Champion Jack Dupree _Cabbage Greens_

"Louise Louise Blues" Johnny Temple _Essential Blues Friends Blues_
"Easin' Back To Tennessee" Sleepy John Estes _Working Man's Blues_
"The Meeting In The Air" Mr & Mrs F H Lacy _Black Religious Music (1930-1956)_
"Poor Lazarus" Vera Ward Hall _Deep River Of Song: Alabama From Lullabies To Blues (1934-1940)_
"Whiskey Head Woman" Tommy McClennan _Tommy McClennan, Vol. 1: Whiskey Head Woman_

"Pony Blues" Sonny Boy Nelson _Complete Recordings...1936_
"Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good" Little Brother Montgomery _Complete Recorded Works (1930-1936)_
"Tampa Strut" Georgia Browns _Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland_
"Good Looking Girl Blues" Furry Lewis _The Complete Vintage Recordings Of Furry Lewis (1927-1929)_
"Sleepy Woman Blues" Robert Petway _Mississippi Blues (1935-1951)_

"Pinebluff, Arkansas" Bukka White _The Complete Bukka White_
"I'm Going To Write & Tell Mother" Robert Hill _Blues Cafe_
"The Devil's Dream" Sid Hemphill _Afro-American Folk Music From Tate & Panola Counties, Mississippi_