Friday, February 08, 2013

Whither Love Is...?

Love is... this week's theme on Self Help Radio!

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Love is...

How the hell should I know what love is?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Preface To Love Is...: Oh God, It's A WEEK Until Valentine's Day?

If my show were still on Monday mornings, I'd be doing my show on Valentine's Day week.  It seems a little silly to be doing the show a week before Valentine's Day.  No one is thinking about chocolate & flowers on the Friday before the Valentine's Day that's on a Thursday.  Indeed, it might be safe to say that if I did it the day after Valentine's Day this year, which is a Friday, there would still be residual love left for me to pull off a day-after-Valentine's-Day show.

Listen: one of this days, I'm going to do a show about Valentinus, an early Christian who believed in that kooky kind of Kristianity called Gnosticism.  (He probably wouldn't have called it that - he would've called himself a Real Christian not like those soon-to-be-Catholic fuckers.)

Look: here's a graphic (well, it's made up of text) I took from the page about Valentinianism on the Wikipedia:
I can't even begin to explain what this is supposed to mean.  See, the beginning of all things at one thing projected thirty Aeons who are fifteen pairs of heavenly archetypes.  & Jesus comes along at some point.  I am not drunk nor high enough to really understand it (or explain it!) & also I don't think our culture would be as screwed-up sexually if Gnostic Christianity had beaten the "orthodox" Christianity that prevailed (the Gnostics also thought the flesh was icky).  But boy! wouldn't this have been fun to learn instead of Jesus walking on the water?  It's like if Zen had become the dominant form of Buddhism.

This has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, which is not Valentinus' day.  He doesn't get one.  All of his writings are lost, presumed destroyed.  Because the "orthodox" Christians who triumphed are sore winners.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Love Is... (The Comic)

I'm toying with the idea of just reading selections from this comic (you know what I'm talking about) on my show this week.  The one up there.  Could that be a real "Love Is" comic?  It's among other real Love Is... comics on this page but I don't know.  What the hell could it possibly mean?

I think someone's getting pranked here.

Here's another anomaly from the page:
The rest, though, seem as solid as the regular "Love Is..." syrup.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

An Artist I'm Always Forgetting I Like: De Chirico

Many paintings here.

That painting up there, which is called "Mystery & Melancholy Of A Street," was in one of my high school English texts.  I remember being enchanted by it, at a time when I didn't really have any opinion of art at all.

I was never able to make what happened in my head come out properly on the page in my art classes in middle school, & I have no idea if my high school had art classes - I certainly would never have thought to take them.  At best I drew lots of comic strips.  But real art?  It seemed very far away.

I love De Chirico's fucked up perspective, but I also love his shadows.  The shadows!  I always find myself wanting to explore the rest of his paintings, like I could climb inside & find out what the hell's happening on the other side of the building.

I need to remember to look at more art now & then.  It's good for the head.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Naked Show

Disgraceful.  A naked radio show.  In this day & age!  Well!  It's time for some kind of internet rating system.  I am outraged!  & it's my show!  Nude beaches!  Naturism!  Streaking!  What is this show coming to?

It's available for those with prurient interests at self help radio dot net.  If you can't be bothered with searching for it on a website, you can listen to the filthy show in either of its two parts: part one is here & part two is here.  You can see what disgusting songs were played below.

I'll understand if it's just too disgusting to listen to.

(part one)

"I Am Naked" Stereo Total _Do The Bambi_
"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" Ida Maria _Fortress Round My Heart_
"My Birthday Suit" Cattanooga Cats _Cattanooga Cats_

"Naked" Autohaze _Counter Clockwise_
"Naked" The Dentists _Naked 10"_
"Naked" Shoestrings _Wishing On Planes_
"Naked" Sera Cahoone _Deer Creek Canyon_

"Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention _We're Only In It For The Money_
"Theme For A Nude Beach" The B-52's _Nude On The Moon: The B-52's Anthology_
"Totally Nude" Talking Heads _Naked_
"The Girls Are Naked" Creation _Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes_
"She Was Naked" Supersister _Control OST_

"The Streak" Ray Stevens _Gitarzan_

(part two)

"The Ballad Of The Mad Streaker" Larry Lujack, Superjock _The Ballad Of The Mad Streaker_
"Here Comes The Streaker" High Voltage _Hard To Find Vol. 1_
"Strip Me Naked" Love, Peace & Happiness _Love Is Stronger_

"You Naked" Jamie Lidell _You Naked_
"Naked, Drunk ∓ Horny" Yellow Note Vs Pukka _This Is Tech Pop_
"Butt Naked Man Stresses The Importance Of Proper Schooling" Onion Radio News _Onion Radio News_
"Undressed" Lloyd Cole _Lloyd Cole_
"We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" Class _Double Agent 1980_

"Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs" The Cramps _Flamejob_
"Naked To The World" Obits _Moody, Standard & Poor_
"Naked In My Car" The Pushtwangers _The Pushtwangers Mini-LP_
"Photographs Of Naked Ladies" Toy Love _Cuts_

"Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun" Wolfgang Druner Quintet _Untouchable Outcaste Beats_
"Naked As The Day You Were Born" The Weather Prophets _Creation Soup Vol 4_