Saturday, September 29, 2012

Preface To Hurricanes: Katrina

It seems strange that Hurricane Katrina happened seven years ago.  I was still living in Austin then & we watched horrified as the storm bore down & it seemed like the government wasn't doing a thing to help save a legendary American city.  I guess you can watch the show Treme to see how things went.  I haven't kept up.

I remember the days afterward, when we'd go to Costco & buy things in bulk like water & peanut butter & take them to places where people in cars were loading these things up to drive the five hundred miles to the almost-destroyed city.

One immediate consequence of the aftermath of Katrina - &, it's true, it was a good thing for Austin - was a lot of refugees from the city, their homes destroyed - hell, their lives destroyed - found their way to Austin to start anew.  A bunch of community radio folks from New Orleans came to KOOP radio, & they contributed to the station greatly.  I was even reunited with an old friend who I didn't know had moved away.

It's still hurricane season - it lasts from June to November, at least within the Atlantic Ocean's sphere - so my show is surprisingly still timely.  It's going to take a few more years of hurricanes before we forget how horrible Katrina was, & still is.

I only wish I had visited New Orleans before.  I know it's not the same city anymore.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I Missed A Day

Sorry about that.  I am becoming very unreliable when it comes to the things that I am "supposed" to do.  I put supposed in scare quotes because it doesn't matter if I do them or not.  For example, this blog. According to Google Analytics, it gets around four visitors a day, of which probably three are me.  Hey, who is the other person?  You're probably looking for something else.  There are a few pictures of dogs & cats here, as well as a few playlists for my radio show, but not much else.  Sorry about that.

I write in the blog anyway because I feel I ought to.  I feel like somehow if I stop it'll mean even more obscurity for me.  It's funny, there are blogs I read more or less regularly online, & at some point I really hoped I'd get as much attention as them.  Then I realized I wouldn't.  Then it didn't matter much anymore.  But having to heap extra obscurity past my realization & apathy might be too much.

It's true, I was really tired after Boomslang, & it took me a while to get back into whatever swing my things are in.  Then it was Thursday & I had to write in this blog ("had to" - see what I mean?) & I realized I hadn't even put my show on the website.  So that's what I did Thursday night.

You know what I did Monday after my show, by the way?  I watched the Emmys.  I was up late seeing the Jesus & Mary Chain the night before, & I got three hours of sleep, & woke to do three hours of radio, & came home, & watched the Emmys!

So, apologies for missing a day.  Oh, I'm not apologizing to you - I'm apologizing to me, who visits this blog more than anyone else.  When I read this blog entry again a couple of times, I'll be able to say, "Oh, Gary, it's no big deal.  I didn't even notice."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Guess I Really Didn't Care

Seriously - I didn't get around to putting this show up till tonight.

Actually, it was pretty exhausting after Boomslang.  I hope you liked the show.  & I hope you know I do care.  I can't help it.

The show is now available for the carefree & careless alike at the Self Help Radio website, or liked directly here: part one & part two.  Be careful!

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Apathy" Catchers _Mute_
"Don't Care" Klark Kent _Teenage Kicks_
"Don't Care" Circle Jerks _Group Sex/Wild In The Streets_
"Just Don't Care" Wire _Behind The Curtain_

"I Don't Care" Judy Garland, Lennie Hayton Orchestra _In the Good Old Summertime (O.S.T - 1949)_
"I Don't Care" Helen Shapiro _At Abbey Road 1961-1967_
"I Don't Care" Sherman Evans _I Don't Care_
"I Don't Care" The Chants _Ripples Volume 5: Beach Bash (Surf Pop, Frat Rock & Dance Craze Sounds From The UK)_
"I Don't Care (Demo)" The Pixies Three _Pixies Three: Our History_
"I Don't Care" Peter's Faces _Beat Beat Beat Vol. 4_

"I Don't Care" James Brown _Roots Of A Revolution_
"I Don't Care" Lesley Gore _It's My Party_
"I Don't Care" The Wilde Knights _Scarey Business_
"I Don't Care" Los Bravos _Black Is Black_
"I Don't Care" Dirty Shames _Pebbles, Vol. 8: Southern California Vol. 1_
"I Just Don't Care" The Fifth Estate _Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Back!_

"I Don't Care" The Ramones _The Ramones_
"I Don't Care" The Boys _The Very Best Of The Boys_
"I Don't Care" Television _The Blow-Up_

(part two)

"I Don't Care" Space Negros _Dig Archaeology 1980 - 1990_
"I Don't Care" The Children _The Children_
"I Don't Care" The Spectors _Beat Is Murder: Cockfights & Cakefights, 1992-1996_

"I Don't Care" Mama Guitar _Introducing Mama Guitar_
"I Don't Care" Mary Margaret O'Hara _Apartment Hunting_
"I Don't Care" Christmas Island _Blackout Summer_
"I Don't Care" TV Girl _TV Girl EP_
"I Don't Care" Summer Twins _Summer Twins_

"Pierre" Carole King _Really Rosie_
"Baby I Don't Care" Bryan Ferry _These Foolish Things_
"I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine" Elvis Presley _Sunrise_
"I Don't Care Who Knows" Harold Burrage _The Cobra Records Story_

"I Don't Care (What The People Say)" Cookie Scott & The Chevelles _Allnighter Vol. 5_
"I Don't Care About Your Past" Ella Washington _Southern Grooves_
"I Don't Care Anymore" Doris Duke _I'm A Loser: The Swamp Dogg Sessions & More_

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whither I Don't Care?

As I get ready to go out & enjoy the last night of Boomslang, I want to first apologize for slacking on the blog this weekend.  I did a lot of volunteering for this great event the station puts on.  I am a little exhausted.

I figured I might not care too much about doing my show after all the work I'd signed up to do, so it seemed appropriate to do a show called "I Don't Care."  I hope it's not catching.  I know you don't care too much about the show but I do want you to care a little.  Just a little.  If I can ask for that much.  A smidgen.  No?  All right.

Tomorrow morning I hope to drag myself out of bed in time to do Self Help Radio from 7 to 9am on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington.  Online it's at wrfl dot fm.  If I can get some sleep in the middle of the day, I'll try to put the show up at self help radio dot net.

See, I do care!