Friday, October 05, 2012

Off To St. Louis!

To see old friends & Louis CK!

Self Help Radio returns a week from Monday!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hurricane Self Help Radio!

I survived Hurricane Self Help Radio!  Now I disappear for a week to repair all the damage.

The devastating footage of the storm is at Self Help Radio web central.  The soundtrack for the show is below.  You can listen to part one & then part two.  Or backwards.  It may not look so horrible that way.

I'll be gone next week but back after that for the tenth anniversary show!

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"The Hurricane Song" Tom Glazer _Weather Songs_
"Hurricane Season" Trombone Shorty _Backatown_
"The Word 'Hurricane'" Air _The Virgin Suicides_

"Hurricane" Levon Helm _American Son_
"Hurricane" Shuggie Otis _Here Comes Shuggie Otis_
"Hurricane" Golden Smog _Another Fine Day_
"Hurricane" The Coathangers _Larceny & Old Lace_
"Hurricane" Prisoners _WiserMiserDemelza_

"Florida Hurricane" St. Louis Jimmy Oden _St. Louis Jimmy Oden Vol. 2 1944-1955_
"Jamaica Hurricane" Lord Beginner _London Is The Place For Me: Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950-1956_
"Hurricane Blues" Big Lucky Carter _The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol. 1_
"Mr. Science (Hurricanes)" Bob & Ray _Bob & Ray The Lost Episodes Vol. 5_
"Hurricane Fighter Plane" The Red Krayola _The Parable Of Arable Land_

"Tsunami (Cornelius Remix)" Manic Street Preachers _Forever Delayed: The Remixes_

(part two)

"Tsunami" Skywave _Synthstatic_
"Hurricanes" Lewis Black _The White Album_
"Hurricane Edward" The Fall _Levitate_
"Hurricane Waves" Bomb The Music Industry! _Vacation_

"Like A Hurricane" Neil Young _American Stars 'N Bars_
"Hurricane" Echo & The Bunnymen _Crystal Days: 1979-1999_
"It's Only A Hurricane" Fischer-Z _The Best_

"Hurricane" Elevator To Hell _Eerieconsiliation_
"Meathead Hurricane" Knight School _Revenger_
"Halifax In A Hurricane" Howe Gelb _Hisser_
"Hurricane Amore" Ocean Blue _Cerulean_
"Hurricane" Warm Jets _Future Signs_
"The Demon & The Hurricane" Deleted Scenes _Young People's Church Of The Air_

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Whither Hurricanes?

I can't remember the last time I took a week off from Self Help Radio.  I don't really like to not do my show.  But I will be out of town next week, & for some reason I am a little glad.  Is that a bad thing?

You see, Self Help Radio is not a job.  I think I would be offended if someone were to pay me money for it.  (Also, I might want to make it better.)  (I couldn't take that sort of pressure.)  (But mainly I'd be offended.)  Since it's something I love to do, I don't like to miss it.

I should save this for next week's blog writings.  Tonight I should be talking about hurricanes.  Or tomorrow.  Tomorrow!

Tomorrow!  From 7 to 9am, on 88.1 fm, WRFL in Lexington.  Self Help Radio is category 3.  You can listen online at wrfl dot fm.  I'll put it up later at self help radio dot net.

Then there'll be no Self Help Radio for two weeks!  Lucky you!