Friday, November 29, 2013

Whither Magda's Birthday Show 2013?

I am contractually obligated by a deal I made before my marriage with my wife's lawyer to celebrate my wife's birthday on the air every year on the closest date to the actual birthday date (December 1).  That means that it's today.

Not very fun fact: if I am not currently doing a radio show, I am encouraged to break into a radio station, hold everyone hostage, & do a radio show for my wife.  Clear Channel is still mad at me for 2008.  I fled the jurisdiction.

In any event, it's been seven years that I've been doing this (which is weird, we've only been married for five) & seriously, I am running out of birthday songs.  I managed to scrape a good show together this year, but I worry about next year.

I know what you're thinking - divorce her.  But no, I'd have to continue doing it.  It's in the pre-nup.

But it's good for anyone who has a birthday - that might be you!  Do listen, from 10 to midnight on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington, or online at the WRFL website.  & if I don't mention it again - happy birthday to you!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Preface To Magda's Birthday Show 2013: What Else Is Going On?

I have a typically secular problem with a holiday like Thanksgiving, because I don't have an invisible friend to give thanks to.  Though I am generally very polite & thank people for things that I probably don't have to thank them for.

Which reminds me, I am kind of annoyed when people who work in the service industry, when I say, "Thank you," respond with, "You're welcome."  I know that's the correct response, but it feels a little smug & self-serving.  When I used to work at our convenience store, I would reply, "Thank you!" because I really did want to thank them for being there.  After all, they were being polite, but they didn't have to thank me for doing my job.  (Many folks didn't.)

I don't think I say "You're welcome" all that much, anyway.  I prefer to say, "No problem."  I like that the accepted response in both Spanish ("de nada") & French ("c'est rien") is basically the same - "It's nothing."  I will say that more often.  "Thank you."  "Oh, it's nothing!"

Humility trumps self-satisfaction every day.  He said smugly.

Anyway, I'm doing two radio shows today.  One is free-form (2 to 4pm); the other is me subbing Dave C's show "The Belfry" (4 to 6pm), which I generally enjoy doing.  I am going to play (what I consider) obscure psychedelic music from 1968.  It will make three 1968 shows I have done so far.  Which is of course the year I was born.  Boom!  I made it about birthdays even when it really wasn't!

Maybe you'll listen?  Maybe I'll just put it on my website this weekend.  We'll see.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Ha Ha

This week is going to be tough for me, because I am subbing three shows - one today, & two tomorrow - & still need to prepare this week's Self Help Radio, which is about birthdays, because I like to celebrate birthdays on the birthday of my favorite human, whose name is Magda.

Here's Patton Oswalt's birthday bit, which I played a couple or three years ago on the show, but here it's uncensored:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Self Help Radio 112213: The Blame Game

The show is shorter than usual!  I blame Chloe, the trainee who needed practice!

Nothing is my fault!  I'm blameless!

Show: Self Help Radio website
Direct links: part one | part two
Blameworthy playlist: below

It's not my fault if you listened!

(part one)

"Blame It On The Blues" Ma Rainey _Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes: The Essential Recordings Of The Blues Ladies_
"Sin Is To Blame" Rev DC Rice _Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order (1928-1930)_
"Sin Is To Blame" Sister Rosetta Tharpe _The Original Soul Sister: Rock Me (1941-43)_

"It's The Girl Who Gets The Blame" The Davis Sisters _The Davis Sisters 1952-53, Vol. 1_
"Blame The Condition" King Pleasure _Moody's Mood For Love_
"Don't Blame Me" Monuments _Just For Kicks Vol. 1_
"You Can't Blame That On Me" The Fugitives _Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story Rock_
"Got The Blame" The Worrying Kynde _Freakbeat Freakout_

"You Can't Blame Me" Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, & Durr _Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label_
"I Don't Blame You At All" Smokey Robinson & The Miracles _The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 11A: 1971_
"Don't Blame On I" The Congos _Lee Scratch Perry: Arkology_

(part two)

"Put The Blame On Me" Eurthymics _Savages_

"Blame The Weather" XTC _Rag 'N' Bone Buffet_
"Blame" The Chesterf!elds _Crocodile Tears_
"I Don't Blame You" The Groove Farm _Plug (The Story Of Pop So Far)_
"Interesting Drug" Morrissey _Bona Drag_
"Blame Love" Boy Genius _Staggering_

"Blame Mary Jane" Lloyd Cole _Cleaning Out The Ashtrays (Collected B-Sides & Rarities 1989-2006)_
"The Blame" The Glee Club _Mine_
"Blame It On Yourself" Ivy _Long Distance_
"I Blame You" Michael Shelley _I Blame You_