Saturday, September 11, 2021

Still Need To Write Something About My Sweet Bronte

It has been a kind of catharsis for me to say goodbye to my animals in this blog when they leave.  Last week we lost Bronte, & I have so much to say about her, but not today.

The picture up there is from March, after she had a haircut.  She cuddled constantly with her brother Bolan, so much so that my wife & I joked that they loved each other more than we did.  Bolan seems muted, he sometimes sleeps with me, but he acts as though - well, this is projecting of course, but he 
does act as though something's missing.  Which of course it is.

Please be patient, Bronte.  I think I don't yet want to say goodbye.  I still imagine you'll be sleeping somewhere, or standing near the water dishes when they need to be filled, or lying on your mother's chest, purring.  She weighed so little but has taken up so much space in my heart.  I'll take the time next week to tell your story.

Beautiful girl, you left too soon.  Beautiful girls always do.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Films For One Night Only

(image from the film's Wikipedia page)

During this week's Self Help Radio, we had another installment of Chuck's Happily Unsophisticated Cinema Korner, in which our resident cinephile talked about movies in which the action took place over one night.  The theme, you see, was "one night only."  You can listen to the show on the Self Help Radio website or over on the KBOO website.  But here are some helpful links which you'll want to visit once you've heard the segment.

Here is the YouTube playlist of films which fit the aforementioned criteria.

Chuck has a Twitter account where he tweets about the films he is watching.

Chuck reviews the films he has seen over on his Letterboxd page.

Films that fit the criteria (criterium?) of "one night only" which are not available for viewing on Youtube - but which you can find for free elsewhere - are listed here.  You can click the names of the films for viewing options.

& finally, here's the IMDb search for films that happen over the course of one night.

Hopefully there's some good stuff for you to find!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Self Help Radio 090721: One Night Only

This is a fun sentence to say: for one night only songs about only one night on Self Help Radio!  & that's exactly what happened.  It could've lasted more than three hours, but for everyone's sake it did not.

In addition to lots of music - including a "one night stand" set & also a "one more night" set - we spoke with Todd Squib from the mayor's office about a possible "one night with the mayor" contest; with Geoffrey Finally, who claims to have had the most one night stands in recent American history; with my spiritual mentor the Rev Dr Howard Gently, who has his own "one night with" promotion; & with our resident cinephile Chuck, who talks about films in which the action happens in one night.  Also, lots of music.  I mentioned that, didn't I?

You can listen now & anytime - & take as many nights as you want - that might make it more bearable - at both the Self Help Radio website & at the KBOO website.  Lots happened besides music, like I noted above, so below is what I played & the things in-between.

Only one night! Night only one! One night only!

Self Help Radio One Night Only Show

"One Night Only" Otis Williams & His Charms _This Is Otis Williams & The Charms: The 1953-1962 King/Deluxe Recordings_
"One Night Only" John Wesley Harding _It Happened One Night_
"For One Night Only" King Creosote _From Scotland With Love_

introduction & definitions

"One Lonely Night" The Flaming Stars _London After Midnight (Singles, Rarities, & Bar Room Floor-Fillers 1995-2005)_
"Ur Life One Night" Unknown Mortal Orchestra _Multi-Love_
"One Night In Paris" Jimmy Pursey _Alien Orphan_
"One Night I Fell In Love" Algebra Suicide _Tongue Wrestling_
"It Happened One Night" Madeline Bell _This Is One Girl_

interview with Todd Squib of the mayor's office

"One Wonderful Night" The Honey Bees _Growin' Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology_
"One Night Between Days" Constantin Veis _Presents The Glamorous Life Savers Resurrected Elsewhere_
"One Lone Night" The White Buffalo _Once Upon A Time In The West_
"One Night" Reporter _Time Incredible_
"One Night With You" Thieves Like Us _Again & Again_

interview with Geoffrey Finally, who claims to have had the most one night stands in modern history

"One Night Stand" Dub Dickerson _Boppin' The Dark_
"One Night Stand" The Grotesque Mommies _Grains Of Time_
"One Night Affair" Jerry Butler _The Spice Of Life_
"One Night Stand" The Pipettes _We Are The Pipettes_
"One Night Stand" Bryan Ferry _Avonmore_

interview with the Rev Dr Howard Gently

"One Night" Smiley Lewis _The Best Of Smiley Lewis: I Hear You Knocking_
"One Night Too Late" The Echoes _Baby Blue_
"One Night Of Love" Karen Dalton _In My Own Time_
"It Only Takes One Night" Dum Dum Girls _I Will Be_
"One Night In Bangkok" Murray Head _When You're In Love_

Chuck stops by for another segment of Chuck's Happily Unsophisticated Cinema Korner

"One More Night" The Expressions _Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns, Volumes 1 & 2 (American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967)_
"One More Night" Bob Dylan _Nashville Skyline_
"One More Night" Stars _Set Yourself On Fire_
"One More Night In A Hotel" Bad Livers _Blood & Mood_
"One More Saturday Night (Live)" Can _The Lost Tapes_

an airbreak without note

"Husband & Wife Were Angry One Night" Charlie Poole _You Ain't Talkin' To Me: Charlie Poole & The Roots Of Country Music_
"One Night As I Was Walking" Joseph Jerome & Chorus _Caribbean Voyage: Carriacou Calaloo_
"One Summer Night" The Danleers _The Doo Wop Box_
"One Summer Night" That Dog _Totally Crushed Out!_
"One Summer Night" Ariel Pink _Pom Pom_
"One-Nighter" The Dynamic Superiors _The Dynamic Superiors_

conclusion & goodbye

"One Charming Night" Les Zarjaz _Creation Soup Volume Two_
"One Endless Night" Jimmie Dale Gilmore _One Endless Night_
"One Night Baby" Peter & The Wolves _Howlin' & Prowlin'
"One Night Stand" The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir _...And The Horse You Rode In On_
"One Night Stand" The Backroom _Reagan Era Rocketship_

Monday, September 06, 2021

Whither One Night Only?

(Image from here.)

What are some things that happen for just one night?  It depends on how you define "just one night."  A certain species of mayfly lives just 24 hours, so has only one night on this planet.  Some performers - musicians or comedians or the like - might stage a show that only happens one night - which is why you can find images like the one above.  & let's not forget the infamous "one night stand" - which is supposed to happen just once.  At night.  With very little standing.

But a moon is full for one night only - every twenty-eight days.  & Self Help Radio is on one night only - per week.  We're not going to be too strict about what the phrase "one night only" means in the songs we'll play on the show - we just want to make sure it's one night we're talking about.

& maybe one night I thought about a show in which everything happened over the course of one night.  It may have been a night I was doing Self Help Radio, or the night before, the one night I am filled with the most dread & anxiety, hoping I will be able to put together an interesting show the next day.  Howsoever it happened, it's tonight that the "one night only" show will air.

Midnight to three a.m., 90.7 fm KBOO Portland,  For one night only Self Help Radio will have the theme "one night only"!

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Preface To One Night Only: One More Night

Above is a picture of my two boy cats, Boone & Bolan.  I know virtually nothing about how animals remember, or whether they feel loss, or whether they even notice their sister is gone.  We tried to show them her body after she died, but they weren't interested.  & I am the first to admit I am reading a great deal into their actions today, but they seemed a bit listless, & they spent a great deal of time together.  More than they usually do?  It seemed that way to me.  But all I could think about today was my cat Bronte's absence.  So I expected that that's what they feel.

The theme for this show is "one night only."  I never thought I'd be thinking about moments in my life in relation to the theme.  But though I know that all my animals will go at some point, that there will always more one last night, & though I guess I knew that Friday was my one last night with Bronte, I wish I could have one more night, with her happy & well, & me free of the sadness of knowing it was our last night.

Alas, that's not possible.  & grief, grief is such a tenacious fucker.  So forgive me if I dwell, if I look for her in my other animals, in my day, in what occupies my mind.  She was so beautiful & she was always around.  Her absence is felt like I've lost some part of me, or worse, some sense, the sense I had that complemented by sight, hearing, smell, taste, & touch.  & it's no more.