Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cradle To Grave, Episode Twenty-Four

Here's the twenty-fourth episode of Cradle To Grave!  Lots of birthdays & death anniversaries!  I am both celebratory & sad over the course of two hours!  There's not much else to say about this show!

Plus, it's weird to talk about things that happened on yesterday in history so it seems to me I am mainly archiving these shows for posterity, but perhaps June 10th means a great deal to you because it's your birthday or it's the day you died & you'd like to know what musicians were born & died on your birthday/death day.  If so, this show is for you.  & probably only for you.  Ah well.

The show is now at the Self Help Radio website, which is password protected but that information is on the page so it shouldn't be a problem.  The shows I played are below but in many cases you'll have to listen to find out just who is being celebrated/commemorated!


"Barataria" Halfway House Orchestra _A Portrait Of New Orleans Jazz_
"Careless Love" Bunk Johnson's Street Paraders _The Good Time Jazz Story: New Orleans_
"I Mean You" Coleman Hawkins _1946-1947_
"Sentimental Summer" Buck Clayton's Big Eight _Buck Clayton 1945–1947_
"I Thought I'd Do It" Hattie McDaniel _The Ladies In Blues_

"The Man That Got Away" Judy Garland _The Great Ones_
"Samba De Monha Terra" João Gilberto _Getz/Gilberto # 2_
"Smokestack Lightnin'" Howlin' Wolf _The Chess Box_
"Beautiful, Beautiful Love" Schoolboy Cleve _Tuff Enuff: The Ace Blues Masters, Vol. 3_

"One Too Many Mornings" Bob Dylan & The Hawks _Live 1966 (The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert)_
"Angel Fingers" Wizzard _Let's Have A Party_
"Cannonball" Breeders _Last Splash_
"How About Hero" Kelley Deal 6000 _Go To The Sugar Altar_
"Hypocrite" Lush _Split_

(death anniversaries)_

"One By One" Jimmy Elledge _One By One_
"Three Miles South Of Cash (In Arkansas)" Carolina Cotton _Yodeling Blonde Bombshell Vol. 1_
"Giddy Up A Ding Dong" Freddie Bell & The Bellboys _The Cruisin' Story: 1956_
"Rockin' Rollin' Stone" Andy Starr _Classic Rockabilly: Hot Rock_
"One Summer Night" The Danleers _The Doo Wop Box_

"I've Got News For You" Ray Charles _Genius + Soul = Jazz_
"Fever" Earl Grant _The Versatile Earl Grant_
"I Wouldn't Give A Cripple Crab A Crutch" Gene Conners _Coming Home_
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" The Shirelles _The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol. 1_
"Rocking Chair" Ruddy Thomas _Rocking Chair 7"_

"Nobody's Sweetheart" Jacques Gauthe _Paris Blues_
"Moon River" Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians _By Special Request!_
"Sunshine Day" Osibisa _Welcome Home_

"Love Can't Turn Around" Farley Jackmaster Funk & D. Pandy _The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago_

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Self Help Radio 060716: All Yours

(Original image here.)

No, I can't say I understand the show this week.  Yes, maybe I think it failed to accomplish what it set out to do.  No, I don't believe that I know what it actually did set out to do.  Yes, I should spend more time thinking about the show's theme & less time just pulling ideas out of my ass.  No, nobody is actually asking me these questions.  Yes, I'll stop pretending someone is.

If you must listen to this show, listen for the interviews: a listener named CJ calls in; a writer named David Fruchter is interviewed; & my spiritual mentor the Rev. Dr. Howard Gently phones to warn me that I might have brought some evil back from Scotland.  You can do like my wife does & tune all the times I talk out.

The show is all yours at the Self Help Radio website.  The songs I play are below.  I'll try better next time.

(part one)

"Yours" Julie London _Sings Latin In A Satin Mood_
"Yours" Mickey & Sylvia _Love Is Strange_
"Yours All Yours (vocals Sally Gooding)" The Three Peppers _1937-1940_

"Yours Truly" Pee Wee Crayton _Pee Wee's Blues: The Complete Aladdin & Imperial Recordings_
"Yours Sincerely" Rosemary Clooney _Love_
"Forever Yours" Bobby Vinton _Mr. Lonely_
"Lovingly Yours" Mockingbirds _The Mod Scene_
"Truly Yours" The Spinners _The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966_

"Yours Love" Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton _Always, Always_
"Exclusively Yours" Rupie Edwards _Hot & Sticky: 26 Killing Rocksteady Shots_
"Yours Eternally" Don 'Sugarcane' Harris _Sugarcane_
"Instantly Yours" Bill Nelson _The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything_

"Emotionally Yours" Bob Dylan _Empire Burlesque_
"Yours Truly" Mighty Mighty _Sharks_

(part two)

"Chemically Yours" Pilgrims _Something's Burning In Paradise_
"Sincerely Yours" Brideshead _In & Out Love_
"Compulsively Yours" The Mendoza Line _I Like You When You're Not Around_

"Take Me, I'm Yours" Squeeze _Squeeze_
"Obsessively Yours" Adorable _Sistine Chapel Ceiling_
"Incomprehensibly Yours" David Candy _Play Power_
"Accidentally Yours" Irene _Apple Bay_

"Yours Untruly" Gramercy Arms _The Seasons Of Love_
"Yours Tonight" Burnt Palms _The Girl You Knew_
"Yours Alone" Dum Dum Girls _I Will Be_
"Severely Yours" Wax Idols _American Tragic_

"Baby I'm Yours" Math & Physics Club _Baby I'm Yours_
"I'm Not Yours" Angus & Julia Stone _Down The Way_

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Whither All Yours?

(I don't know what it means either, but I found it here.)

Yeah, really!  What the hell does that theme mean, "All Yours"?

To understand this theme, we need to travel back in time, 123 years in fact, to June 7, 1893.  We're also traveling over to South Africa, where a very young, very moustached Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi performed his first act of civil disobedience, causing a stir by refusing to move from segregated first class.  He was thrown off the train.

But young Gandhi was allowed to ride first class the next day, which did not stop him from becoming a pain in the butt of the British Empire, then in its height (the Empire, not its butt).  For you see, the British looked at the world & said, "It's all ours!"  & Gandhi said, "It's not all yours!"

Now, a century & twenty-some-odd years later, people from the former British Empire play Americans on television & in the movies, while many Americans see an orange-haired toad as their savior.  Stay with me, I'll make sense in a second.  I had written something down about jazz & about salt.  The salt march, I think, figured into this, or maybe it has something to do with high blood pressure.

Well, anyway, something-something & that's how Self Help Radio became all yours!  It's really a glorious story, & when I find my notes, I'll update this post.  Oh no!  The cat's eaten them.  Sigh.

Since the show is all yours, you might as well listen.  It's on from 4-6pm on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington & wrfl dot fm.  Since it is all yours, you may want to come early - there might not be a lot left at the end of the show.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Preface To All Yours: Everything I Own Is Digital

"What is 'cloud'?" asked the master.  "Have they tricked us into thinking what we own is in the air?"

The pupils looked amazed, & paid heed.

"Cloud," said the master, "is just a way for those who have to own the things they sell to those who have not."

The pupils puzzled over their master's provocative pronouncement.

"You!" said the master, pointing to a pupil, "you have bought a thing which you cannot hold in your hand!"

"It is true, master," said the pupil.  "Yet I hold its container in my hand."

He proudly displayed his cellular phone.

"Bah!" said the master.  "You do not even own that!"

The pupil looked ashamed, for it was true that he leased his phone.

"Indeed," said the master, "you should heed the words of the prophet Watterson: 'There is no cloud.  It's just someone else's computer.'"

The pupils were astonished, for the master had quoted a meme.  One pupil giggled.

"Oh stop being so juvenile," said the master.  "Like our ancestors in their dusty tomes would know a thing about computers!"

The pupils hung their heads in deference.

"All right, all right," said the master, testily.  "Go meditate or something.  Just leave me be!"

Sunday, June 05, 2016

But Now I Have To Eat Twice As Much Since You're Not Here!

Says the cook to the Skype image.  The Skype image is frozen., the connection is bad  Something is cooling on the stove, & it worries him.  It's dinner for two, & there is only one person here.

The cook contemplates eating out.  He lives in a small town, but every driver seems impatient to get to the somewhere near they're going as fast as they can to get to.  He barely misses a collision on the way to get take-out.  One car, trying to change lanes to pass another car, does not check its blind-spot, & does not stop changing lanes when the cook leans on the horn like he is flattening dough.  The cook, shaken & in utter disbelief, decides to get take-out anyway.

He is the only person in the town who uses the turn single.  He is very aware of this.  He uses the turn single when he is leaving his driveway.

Household duties, once divided between two people, seem incredibly onerous now.  But as he doubles up on chores & obligations, he finds his mind is a blank when it comes to halving recipes.  Just use half the ingredients! he says to himself in the empty kitchen.  He realizes he hasn't needed to run the dishwasher for two days.

The house seems quieter somehow.  It must be, with only one person stumbling through it.  He turns the ceiling fans on in shifts, to make the air circulate in different ways throughout the day.  Thinking music might help, he plays a record he loves, & he plays it loud, but the silence between the tracks is louder, like a chasm.

Yet he has no trouble getting to sleep.  Yet he has no trouble waking up.