Friday, February 06, 2015

Self Help Radio 020615: Tigers

Ah, tigers.  I stared at pictures of them all week.  I read article after increasingly depressing article.  I listened to a ton of songs about them.  I watched videos of their cubs.  (I stayed away from videos that show them hunting & eating large animals.)  I even cursed the world for leading them to the brink of extinction.  All of this for a radio show!  Seriously, if just you listened to the show, you got off way easier than I did!

It was I think a good show.  I interviewed an actual Bengal tiger (who came down from the Cincinnati Zoo), & also conservationist David Fruchter.  I also performed a Dramatic Readings Of A Classic Rock Song, as I am wont to be.  All this & so many songs about tigers that you'll feel like a cub again!

The show is listen-to-able at the Self Help Radio website.  Do pay attention to login/password information if you want to listen to any shows.  & the songs I played - the fearsome, nocturnal, fierce-toothed, gorgeously striped songs - they're listed below.

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Tiger Rag" The Mills Brothers _Blue Skies: 45 Hits From The 30s & 40s_
"Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)" Rufus Thomas, Jr. _The Sun Records Collection_
"Tiger" Sparkle Moore _Killer 7"_
"Teach Me Tiger" April Stevens _Ultra Lounge, Vol. 8: Cocktail Capers_

"The Tiger's Wide Awake" The Romeos _The Tiger's Wide Awake_
"Paper Tiger" Sue Thompson _Suzie (The Hickory Anthology 1961-1965)_
"Tiger" Brian Auger _The Mod Years_
"I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" Buck Owens _Classic Country: The Golden 60s_
"Tiger Girl" The Tigermen _Scum Of The Earth_

"I'm A Tiger" Lulu _The Best Of The Sixties_
"Tame Me Tiger" Bonnie St. Claire _The Singles_
"Hunting Tigers Out In 'Indiah'" The Bonzo Dog Band _Tadpoles_
"Tame My Tiger" T.Rex _Dandy In The Underworld_

"Paper Tigers" The Chameleons _Script Of The Bridge_
"Plain Tiger" Cocteau Twins _Tiny Dynamite_

(part two)

"Laughing Tigers" BFG _Fathoms_
"Tyger Tyger (Dub Version)" Jah Wobble _Glitters Is Gold_

"The Black Tiger" Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub _Boa Best Singles_
"Lions & Tigers" The Soft Boys _Nextdoorland_
"The Tigers Have Spoken" Neko Case _The Tigers Have Spoken_
"My Tiger My Heart" The Boy Least Likely To _The Best Party Ever_

"Like A Tiger" Fourth Of July _Fourth Of July On The Plains_
"Tiger In The Sea" Daysleepers _Drowned In A Sea Of Sound_
"Tiger In A Cage" Suave As Hell _Ashell III_

"Tyger Tyger" Tania Rivas _Tyger Tyger_
"Albino Tiger Rescue Squad" Bearsuit _The Phantom Forest_
"Tiger Eyes" Half Japanese _Overjoyed_

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Whither Tigers?

Man, whatever you do, don't read web pages about tigers.  You can look at photos of them - they're truly stunning beasts - & definitely watch videos of them, especially their cubs, on Youtube or other video web pages - but if you read about them, you'll get angry & sad because there will come a time when they won't exist on Earth anymore.  Maybe in zoos, maybe in sanctuaries.  But of the nine subspecies that have existed, three are extinct, & one is extinct in the wild.  The rest are all endangered.

If I were some kind of crazy magician, I'd multiply the tiger species by a factor of a million or so & give them a fighting chance to take back their habitat from humans.  Also, I'd take away from humans the ability to defend themselves unfairly with weapons like guns & bombs.  Tiger claw & teeth vs human claw & teeth.  There'd be a whole swath of Asia, basically, which just be the nation of Tiger.  Imagine how glorious a place that would be!

Tomorrow's show will therefore have a tinge of melancholy to it, but I hope it's great nonetheless.  It airs Friday morning from 7-9am on 88.1 fm WRFL Lexington, & online at wrfl dot fm.  I'll put it up on the Self Help Radio website later in the day.

& if you're up early, I'll be doing the two hours before Self Help Radio as well, because, why not?  It'll be freezing cold outside & I'm a weirdo!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Preface To Tigers: Save The Tigers!

Holy crap tigers are majestic creatures. It's terrifying to think we may one day live in a world where there aren't any. The World Wildlife Federation lays out the challenges of tiger conservation (salvation?) here.

This is information I may share on Friday, too, so don't be surprised if some of the things I say on the radio feel familiar to you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Even Killing Machines Were Babies Once

The second love of my life used to do this cute thing when she was in a playful mood.  She'd light up like a spring morning & smile wide & say to me, "You were a baby once!"  Her reverie, which was adorable as all hell, would end with "Everything was a baby once!"

In that spirit, here's a compilation of baby tigers being super fucking cute:

Monday, February 02, 2015

Coming Up: A Radio Show

It's true!  This week, the show is about tigers.  Tigers as in ferocious beasts much, much bigger than my housecats, although my housecats think they're tigers & act as though every moment they refrain from leaping upon me & ripping out my throat is a gift they beneficently bestow upon me.  Indeed, in this picture:

They pretty much think they're the big tiger &, unless I'm feeding them, I'm the annoying little tiger.  See how amazingly patient they are with me?  Why, they could eat me alive!  They're so good to me.

I took that picture from this place: The Mighty Tiger: 15 Facts & 25 Stunning Photos.  You may want to bone up on that before this week's show.  Although I might have chosen 15 Photos & 25 Stunning Facts.  Because that is how I am.