Saturday, September 25, 2021

Pictures Of Doors

Please enjoy a bunch of pictures of doors I've taken over the past few years.  In various places, Kentucky, Texas, Oregon.  I'm sure there are stories about each of them.  But I don't remember them.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Border Movies

(image from the movie's IMDb page)

This week's Self Help Radio was about borders & as happens from time-to-time, our resident cinephile Chuck stopped by to talk about movies about the show's theme on his segment Chuck's Happily Unsophisticated Cinema Korner.  If you missed the show, you can listen at the Self Help Radio website or at the show's page on the KBOO website.  Once you've heard the segment, you may find the following links to be helpful.

Follow Chuck on Twitter to see what he's watching!

View the YouTube playlist Chuck created of films featuring borders.

Read Chuck's Letterboxd reviews of some of the films.

Chuck has a handy list of films you can stream for free other than at YouTube.

& finally, here's the keyword lists Chuck used to find the films he watched & talked about.

Perhaps there's a film here you'd enjoy.  We hope so!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Self Help Radio 092121: Borders

(image of Portland neighborhoods with borders from here)

Okay, I spent a small amount of time on that image up there but I started thinking about the word "border" & wondered if someone made a word cloud with that word & all its related words & of course someone did.  I found this one here:

That might have been fun to talk about on a radio show about borders but alas! This week's Self Help Radio just played a lot of songs about borders & had silly interviews, with a border guard named Narghoul, with a fellow who is suing the book chain Borders, & with a geographer who draws borders in disputes.  Also, our friend Chuck stopped by to talk about actual movies featuring borders but honestly he's no less silly.  The lesson is to not expect Self Help Radio to be hard-hitting or even informative.  You probably already know that.

Listen to the show in two places: on the KBOO website, & at the Self Help Radio website.  If you listen at the latter, please make sure you check the username/password information on the page.  The songs I played & the things that happen on the show are below.

Please note this show is happening during KBOO's Fall Membership Drive.  Please help us out by becoming a member of KBOO today!

Self Help Radio Borders Show
"When I Get To The Border" Richard & Linda Thompson _I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight_
"Border Radio" Dave Alvin _Romeo's Escape_
"Tennessee Border" Camper Van Chadbourne _Revenge Of Camper Van Chadbourne_

introduction & definitions

"South Of The Border" Fats Domino _Out Of New Orleans_
"Border Lord" Kris Kristofferson _Border Lord_
"The Border" Astronauts, Etc. _Living In Symbol_
"If You Reach The Border" Bomb The Bass _Clear_
"The Border" Nicolas Godin _Concrete & Glass_

interview with border guard Narghoul

"Down By The Border" Colenso Parade _Glentoran_
"Border Song" Resistance Revival Chorus _This Joy_
"Back To The Border" Professor Pez _Hordaland_
"Border Patrol" Eek-A-Mouse _U-Neek_
"Border Guards" The Rosebuds _Life Like_

interview with Thaddeus Blaze, who is suing Borders

"Borderline" The Edsel Auctioneer _Starfish 12"_
"Borderline" The Fat White Family _Champagne Holocaust_
"Borderline" The Spectors _Ooh Aah Aah_
"Beyond The Borderline" The Zombies _Still Got That Hunger_
"Borderline Heart" Rosalie Sorrels _Borderline Heart_

interview with Dr. Herman Fleck, geographer

"Over The Border" Big Country _Restless Natives & Rarities_
"Slightly South Of The Border" The Mekons _The Edge Of The World_
"The Border Widow's Lament" June Tabor _Echo Of Hooves_
"Screechie Cross The Border" The Mighty Diamonds _Bust Out_
"The Border" Neville & Sugary Staple _Rude Rebels_

Chuck talks to us about movies featuring borders

"Down By The Borderline" Tim Buckley _Starsailor_
"Down Below The Borderline" Little Feat _The Last Record Album_
"On The Borderline" Sally Seltmann _Heart That's Pounding_
"Borderline" Pepper Island _Popular !_
"Borderline" AJ Davila Y Terror Amor _Beibi_

conclusion + goodbye + help KBOO during our membership drive!

"Border Country" Swell Maps _....In "Jane From Occupied Europe"_
"The Border" Fred Frith _Step Across The Border_
"At The Border, Guy" Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros _Global A Go-Go_
"Burst Through The Borders" Caulbearers _Burst Through The Borders_

Monday, September 20, 2021

Whither Borders?

(map of border walls from the Maps On The Web blog)

Borders, boundaries, perimeters, lines.  They define but confine.  & for some reason, they're just fine as a subject for this week's Self Help Radio.  The show this week seeks to examine the ways borders are interpreted in music & a few interviews - whether we're on them, trying to get to them, crossing them, or otherwise interacting with them.  Plus we'll be asking for help during the Fall KBOO Membership Drive!

Speaking of - this is the page to go to if you wish to support the station.  I am personally a big fan of recurring payments but any amount will help.  Technically, it helps all KBOO shows on the air, so if you'd rather not support Self Help Radio, be advised that there are other, better shows on the station that your donation helps.

But in the off chance - truly off chance - that you want to listen to a program about borders, you can do so tonight from midnight to 3am on KBOO - 90.7 fm &  People have been saying my entire life I should learn something about boundaries.  Well I am tonight!  Hope you tune in!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Preface To Borders: The Shadows

The image above, drawn by Hippolyte, is from an amazing comic I just read, coincidentally enough, this past week when borders were on my mind.  It's called Les Ombres (The Shadows in translation) & is a comic adaption of a stage play, written by the playwright, Vincent Zabus.  Described in the reviews on its page on Good Reads by one person as "Kafka meets Alice In Wonderland," to me it was equal parts beautiful & harrowing.  As someone who reads a lot of superhero comics, & mostly still enjoys them, I'm always glad to stumble across this sort of comic, which shows how the medium can fit most styles - & perhaps even improve them.  I recommend it.  & not just because it shows a very obvious border!