Monday, September 17, 2012

Until Proven Guilty

"All things truly wicked start from innocence," said Ernest Hemingway, but I hope the show isn't truly wicked, just wicked rad.  Do people even say "wicked" as an adverb describing an adjective anymore?  I'm serious, I should talk to people & maybe even pay attention.

The show is presumed innocent.  That's its right.  It's also presumed to be at the Self Help Radio website, where it has been cut in two parts, which you can download separately: part the first is there, while part the second is here.  What's in each part is below.

Self Help Radio not responsible for a loss of innocence.

(part one)

"Songs Of Innocence: Introduction" Ralph Cosham _A Selection From "Songs Of Innocence" & "Songs Of Experience"_
"Song Of Innocence" David Axelrod _Song Of Innocence_
"Songs Of Innocence (single version)" Jah Wobble _Glitters Is Gold_

"Innocence" Kirsty MacColl _Galore_
"Age Of Innocence" The Pearly Gatecrashers _New Fluffy Delicious_
"The Charm Of Innocence" Momus _Tender Pervert_
"Sweet & Innocent" Roy Orbison _Orbison_

"Lost Innocence" The Buddhas _Pebbles Vol. 2_
"Young & Innocent" Changin' Times _How Is The Air Up There 7"_
"Return To Innocence" Expressions _Destination Frantic # 3_
"Moody Richard (The Innocent Bystander)" Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks _Striking It Rich_
"Young & Innocent Days" The Kinks _Arthur (Or The Decline & Fall Of The British Empire)_

(part two)

"Innocent Man" The Jam _Direction, Reaction, Creation_
"Innocent" The Buzzcocks _Trade Test Transmissions_
"Innocence" The Moving Parts _Wrong Conclusion_
"Pure & Innocent" Those Naughty Lumps _The Zoo Uncaged 1978-1982_

"Pardon My Innocent Heart" Nate Evans _Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation_
"Innocent When You Dream (78)" Tom Waits _Franks Wild Years_
"Innocent Abroad" Would-Be-Goods _The Morning After_
"Innocent" Minisnap _Bouncing Around_

"Innocence" The Other Two _The Other Two & You_
"Innocent" Tears Run Rings _Distance_
"No One Is Innocent" Siglo XX _Flowers For The Rebels_

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whither Innocence

I have had to write emails to two people who suggested songs for Self Help Radio this week (the show, you know, about innocence) & tell them that I just really wouldn't play those songs on my show, &, probably, no one at WRFL would play them (although apparently right now the jazz show is playing an hour-long documentary on Dave Matthews, so what do I know?).  One of them was this song, by Billy Joel.  The other is the title track from this album by Don Henley.  (By the way, I love love love the ridiculous way that review ends: "This album is highly recommended for those who like their pop music with a message."  It's funny because there are people who don't care what the music sounds like as long as there's a "message"!) I don't want to be too judgmental about the two songs - both of which I'm sure I've heard, but I can't bring them to mind (whew) - (aw man, that parenthetical expression is judgmental!) - I just don't think that either Don Henley or Billy Joel should be played on a radio station that's dedicated to playing underplayed or underheard (or even unknown!) music.  (I also really don't like Billy Joel, & have tremendous antipathy for Don Henley, especially because of the Eagles.)  (But I would have gladly played decent covers of those songs if they had existed.)  In fact - continuing that last parenthetical expression without any parentheses, I would be glad if people who made suggestions for songs for certain themes sent me ideas for covers if the songs were very popular.  I tend to err on the side of less-heard than most-heard.

& now, a pathetic aside:

Why does no one want to follow me on the Twitter?  You could do so here.  Maybe occasionally I say something witty or interesting?

Tomorrow's show on innocence - not the end of the innocence, & certainly not from an innocent man - airs from 7 to 9am on 88.1 fm WRFL in Lexington.  You can listen online at wrfl dot fm & I will guiltily put the show up later on the Self Help Radio web page.  There will be no loss of innocence involved in the show.  You need something more powerful for that sort of thing!