Friday, November 16, 2012


Like everyone else, I've dreamt of losing my teeth, though not anywhere near as horrifying as Charlie just pulling his teeth out quizzically in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I at least feel justified in worrying about my teeth just falling out because I have terrible teeth.  I have managed to salvage most of mine (I have only had to have one pulled) which is so incredibly fortunate since I'm pretty sure I didn't see a dentist before I was twenty-two years old.  (My mother had other priorities.)

It's hard to find data about people dreaming of losing their teeth but it's not hard to find out what that's supposed to mean.  Humans really need to have their dreams mean something, which is part & parcel of the hubris of our species, & the web insists that losing teeth means either "embarrassment" or "losing faith."  Not only are those two things completely unrelated, I should think it's not at all embarrassing to "lose faith."

(The Devil's Dictionary defines faith as "belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel.")

It's far more easy to find figures about how many people no longer have teeth, & it's a little frightening: one quarter of adults in the United States over the age of 65 have lost all their teeth.  That's more terrifying to me than dreams of teeth falling out or, worse, being loose in my mouth, because it seems far more likely to happen to me.  Two decades is a long time to neglect one's teeth.

Luckily I am not a patient at the hella sarcastic Doon South Dental in Kitchener, Ontario, which has this hilarious article entitled How To Get Rid Of Your Teeth on their website.  It's a scream.

I won't sleep well tonight.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Recommendation? For reals?

I can't recommend this - I haven't heard it yet - but look what I have espied:
Toy Love!  Live At The Gluepot 1980!  Info here!

Holy jumpin jeebus on a rhinoceros horn!  That's the best news I've heard all week!

Monday, November 12, 2012

An Invisible Show

I bet you didn't see this show coming.  I personally couldn't see the point.  Still, the show listed some things you can't see & some super-heroes who can turn invisible.  Also, an invisibility spell!  Really!  Plus many songs about being invisible - literally or metaphorically.

The show can be seen at the highly visible Self Help Radio website.  If you'd rather not be seen there, you can download the show (it's in two parts) by clicking here for part one & here for part two.  Can't see what's in both parts?  That's because it's at the end of this blog post!

Thanks for listening!

(part one)

"Invisible" Lenny Miles _The Best Doo-Wop Of Scepter Records_
"Invisible" Poprace _Clear EP_
"Invisible" The Forever People _Invisible_

"Invisible Man" Holger Czukay _Good Morning Story_
"Invisible Man" Breeders _Last Splash_
"The Invisible Man" Elvis Costello _Punch The Clock_
"An Invisible Man" Nick Todd _Pat Boone's Little Brother - Rockin' Classics_
"The Invisible Man" Milky _Travels With A Donkey_

"The Invisible Man & The Unforgettable Girl" Bill Nelson _Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars_
"Invisible Girl" The King Khan & BBQ Show _Invisible Girl_
"The Invisible Girl" Fonda _Moshi-Moshi: Pop International Style_
"The Invisible Dog" Electrelane _Rock It To The Moon_

(part two)

"To Be Invisible" Curtis Mayfield _Sweet Exorcist_
"Spell One - The Invisibility Cloak" Plusquam Workshop _Workshop - Teen Witch_
"My Invisible Friend" The Bartlebees _What Is It All About?_
"Invisible People" Hamilton Streetcar _Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 3: L.A. '67, Mondo Hollywood À Go-Go_
"Dodging Invisible Rays" Guided By Voices _Demons & Painkillers_

"Invisible Tears" Ned Miller _From A Jack To A King_
"Invisible One" Tanya Donelly _This Hungry Life_
"She's Invisible Now" Eurthymics _In The Garden_
"Invisible Sun" The Police _Ghost In The Machine_

"Uptown Invisible" Moose _Uptown_
"Invisible Ink" Sweet William _Ambiguous_
"Invisible State" Bill Pritchard _3 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days_

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whither The Invisible Show?

You might enjoy this fellow, John Lloyd, as he does a TED talk on inventorying the invisible.  It will get you in the mood for tomorrow's show.

Tomorrow's show will be invisible, as all radio shows are, but you can hear it - it's noisy as hell - by listening in Lexington at the 88.1 fm frequency.  It will also find its way into the internets & you can listen online at the WRFL web page.  Why, it will probably even end up eventually on the Self Help Radio web site, which is visible to the untrained eye.

I sometimes believe I am only visible when I'm on the radio - you know, when no one can see me.