Tuesday, March 19, 2024


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It's super dumb but I am a creature of habit & I set the goals & I try to keep up with the goals & one of those goals is this blog. A few years back I thought I should write at least one post a day for five days a week on the show's blog. I then developed a rough outline of what those posts would be like. The first & second posts of the week could be about anything. The third post would be a preface to the theme. The fourth would try to explain the theme on the day of the show. The fifth would be post-show, have a link to the show, have the playlist &etc.

Since Self Help Radio is moving to very early Tuesday mornings, my schedule has to shift. Right now the first day is Monday. The last day is Friday (since the show has been on Thursdays). Now the first day will be Friday, the last day Tuesday. (Yes, the show is on Tuesday but in literally the first two hours of Tuesday.)

This is my way of saying I won't be writing here again until Friday. I'm very lucky so few people read this blog that it won't offend or disappoint anyone. It also helps that I almost always have nothing to say.

The image above is from an article that may well be self-help. I just wanted the image. I didn't read the article.

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