Thursday, March 14, 2024

Whither Howard Gently Year Two Continued?

When I lost my friend Russell last year, I thought I'd try to celebrate him on the radio by playing all the improvised interviews we aired from start to finish. This is the fourth episode, which will get us near the end of the second year he played my spiritual mentor The Rev. Dr. Howard Gently.

It's always been strange to me that fans of Russell's work as Melba Jackson (you can listen to his recordings here) haven't found a similar appreciation of his equally subversive work as Dr. Gently. I guess it could be that they're not prank calls, or maybe it's that they were hidden in the middle of my dumb radio shows. They are waiting to be found, at any rate. Maybe one day I'll isolate them & put them on my website. There are dozens of them though. I have many more Dr Gently radio shows ahead.

Listen today from noon to 2pm on Freeform Portland - 90.3+98.3fm & freeform portland dot org. They are among my most favorite things in the world & I am flattered they happened on this goofy radio show I do. I could never repay Russell for his time & generosity - or his brilliance.

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