Saturday, May 04, 2024

Coming Up Tomorrow On The Dickenbock Report: National Lemonade Day

The first Sunday in May is National Lemonade Day. The first Sunday in May this year is May 5. & on Sundays in Portland, it's the Dickenbock Report. Join us tomorrow as we report on lemonade the drink on lemonade the day including musical reports & a special report about allegations of something suspicious happening at Portland's lemonade stands.

Please note that the Dickenbock Report is no longer a morning news program, as we have been moved to later on the schedule. We are now an afternoon news program. Listen to us at our new time, Sunday, May 5, noon to 1pm, on XRAY FM - 91.1+107.1fm & online at xray dot fm.

Be aware that due to inflation, lemonade is far more expensive now that you remember.

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