Sunday, May 05, 2024

Preface To Unicorns: Who Doesn't Like Unicorns?

(comic by Ellis Rosen)

Is it because people associate unicorns with little girls & with hippies that some people don't like them? I told a couple of folks that I was going to do a show about unicorns & eyes were rolled at me. Imagine that!

While I don't think I went through a "unicorn phase" where I obsessed about them, I was always happy to see them/read about them. But I was very happy when introduced to Lady Rainicorn in Adventure Time.

My wife was so enamored with her that I put that name for her on my phone, which has caused more than one person to ask, "Why Lady Rainicorn?" Or maybe it's just happened once. With our vet in Fort Worth. She had never heard of Adventure Time. It was a bit embarrassing. Anyway.

The story of the unicorn show is good one. Come back tomorrow & I'll tell you it.

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