Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Self Help Radio 032624: Paradise

Self Help Radio returned to KBOO & a late-night slot this week with a show about paradise. In addition to every single song played on the show (but one) called "Paradise" (one was called "Paradiso"), the show also featured interviews with four folks who had near-death experiences & maybe caught a glimpse of paradise.

This was the first Self Help Radio back in the KBOO studios & I came in pretty unprepared so apologies for all the foul-ups, bleeps, & blunders. You can listen to the show at the Self Help Radio website. Use the username SHR & the password selfhelp to access. I did a couple of sub shows as well as my other shows in-between Self Help Radio episodes - have a look, maybe you'd enjoy listening to them. Meanwhile, look below for everything that happened on the show. Paradise it wasn't.

Self Help Radio Paradise show
"Paradise" Lena Horne _Lena On The Blue Side_
"Paradise" The Temptations _Emperors Of Soul_
"Paradise" The Ronettes _Back To Mono (1958-1969)_

introduction & definitions

"Paradise" John Prine _John Prine_
"Paradise" Buzzcocks _A Different Kind Of Tension_
"Paradise" The Stranglers _Feline_
"Paradise" Mikey Dread _Pave The Way_

interview with Laetitia Clark

"Paradise" Plus Instruments _Trigger & The Thrill Kings Plus Instruments_
"Paradise" Alex Chilton _Feudalist Tarts_
"Paradise" The Bodines _Creation Soup Volume Two_
"Paradise" Cub Sport _Paradise EP_

interview with Luke Connors

"Paradiso" The Chameleons _Strange Times_
"Paradise" New Order _Brotherhood_
"Paradise" All About Eve _The Best Of All About Eve_
"Paradise" Aztec Camera _Love_

interview with Lester Charles

"Paradise" Viva Saturn _Soundmind_
"Paradise" Clinic _Visitations_
"Paradise" Lump _Animal_
"Paradise" White Lung _Paradise_

interview with Larry Carmichael

"Paradise" Swansea Sound _Twentieth Century_
"Paradise" Lily & Madeleine _Lily & Madeleine_
"Paradise" Wishy _Paradise_
"Paradise" Empath _Visitor_

conclusion & goodbye

"Paradise" The O'Jays _Message In The Music_

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