Sunday, March 24, 2024

Preface To Paradise: Paradise Lost

That picture was taken in May 2020, as the pandemic raged. The wife & I had gone for a walk, probably to get some folk & take out the dogs. The streets of Portland were mostly deserted. It's along Division Street, as you can see with the sign. Wish I had walked across the street to take the picture but I did not. But maybe the emptiness makes the post's point.

Was it paradise lost? Portland's never been everyone's idea of Paradise, but just a year before, the streets - especially on a lovely sunny day in May - would have been full of people. Nearly four years later I have yet to see the city as populated as it was when we first go here. But it's getting there.

But it's a fact this is my most favorite place to live at least in the last twenty years. They spoil vegans here, & there are many lovely places, & lots of love for dogs & cats. & of course all the radio. There's just all the radio here. So maybe for me it's a paradise.

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