Monday, March 25, 2024

Whither Paradise?

(painting by Breughel, from the Wikipedia)

For my first show back on KBOO, the theme - which was chosen before I decided to move so it's not any kind of comment about the station - is "paradise." There were lots of songs about paradise, so much so that I think I will be able to fill two entire hours with songs called "Paradise." I've done this a few times before, including with my show with the theme "heaven." Which brings me to the genesis of this show:

The idea came from this book by Bart Ehrman that I had just finished reading:
It's called (as you can see) "Heaven & Hell: A History Of The Afterlife." More information is at the link. It's a fascinating book that almost certainly won't penetrate the minds of those indoctrinated since birth in ideas of heaven & hell, but for those with more open minds it demonstrates how over time people in the more-or-less Western tradition (starting with the Greeks & Jews) came to think there ought to be something more after death, either on earth or in some other place. Since I had already done a show about heaven & a show about hell, the next best thing to do a show about was paradise - often a synonym for heaven.

That show happens tonight oh I better get working! from midnight to 2am on 90.7fm in Portland & kboo dot fm everywhere. It not like anyone at KBOO wanted the show back, but by gum it'll be back tonight!

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