Thursday, May 09, 2024

Books & Movies About Unicorns

Hey! We had some great guests on this week's Self Help Radio, including our favorite librarian & our resident cinephile! Let me list for you for what the latter two shared on the show this week - which was about unicorns. Listen to that show at the Self Help Radio website or at the KBOO website - & then explore these links:

(all images from Good Reads)

Carole (our favorite librarian) talked about three books:

Unicorns 101 by Cale Atkinson
& Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great ( & its sequels) by Bob Shea

Read them all for more unicorn understanding & then visit the links by our resident cinephile Chuck.

(image from the IMDb)

(Chuck's links are more complicated than Carole's)

Gosh I hope there's a lot of unicorn enjoyment to be found here!

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