Monday, May 13, 2024

Whither Arrested?

(That time Kirk arrested Spock. Image from here.)

Why a radio show with the theme "arrested"? Was I recently arrested? Or someone I know? No. But I am about to confess to something that is almost as nerdy as that picture up there from TJ Hooker featuing Leonard Nimoy as the guest star. It's this: I am kinda obsessed with the show Criminal Minds. It's not because of the stories, which are absurd, but because the characters are superheroes. The minute they're called onto a case, they're going to solve it. A serial killer's been murdering people for 27 years & has never been caught? The team gets to town & they've caught him in a couple of days. That's amazing. I joke that they should assign them to older mysteries, like the Kennedy Assassination. They'd figure that out in a jiffy.

But I noticed one night - I watch about two episodes a week, time & whiskey permitting - there aren't a lot of arrests on the show. On Law & Order, you're guaranteed at least one arrest per episode. But more often than not, the criminal on Criminal Minds dies before getting their day in court.

It seems I found myself missing the process of arrest. So I decided to do a show featuring lots of arrests. & that's what's happening tonight.

Yes tonight! From midnight to 2am on 90.7fm in Portland & online everywhere at kboo dot fm. In-between songs & interviews I'll be asking for her during our Spring Membership Drive. If you can help, please do so!

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